Why do cats have homing attacks and ranged melee?

Playing single player and i notice the leap attacks for cats can curve in mid air and the clawing attacks they do have a huge range on them. Plus you can roll away and they still hit you. Rolled back and it slide the extra distance to hit me. My friend was blocking with a shield and it used some swipe attack and hit through the shield and hit me a few feet away behind my friend.

I think who ever designed them for this game played Feral druid in wow where they have huge range on their cleave attacks and don’t know the real range on an animals strike.

Because cats are superior.


many online games do this, if you are within range when the animation starts it will hit you regardless if you evade or not, with ranged attacks it’s not uncommon in online games to see non-hitscan projectiles change direction.

Real cats can turn in the air you know.
Flying cat :wink:

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Cute but i’m talking about them doing a 180 degree turn in mid air when they start going forward. Only looney toons can do that

For performing surprising illusions
And creating eccentric confusions.
At prestidigitation
And at legerdemain
He’ll defy examination
And deceive you again.

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