Why do I lag every time I move(I was able to play fine yesterday but today it isn't working)

Everytime i move i lag badly but looking around is fine.

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Not sure, that sounds like a weird issue. Have you tried relogging out and back in to see if that clears the issue? I know in some games (like ESO) when the game bugs out, relogging typically resolves the issue.

Otherwise, I would put a bug report.

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Ive tried everything. i reinstalled my game restarted my pc restarted the game 10times and tried to play without battle eye

My first guess is you’ve got a bad connection to the server. Either your internet service is acting up or your router is doing something weird or possibly there’s something further up the chain causing issues. Could even just be that the server you’re on is having problems.

Broadly speaking, just looking around wouldn’t really require much if any internet traffic, so you can move your camera around as much as you want without issue even on a bad connection. Moving, however, absolutely does require information to be transferred between the server and client.

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I can play any other game fine and nothing else is having issues. even if i turn all the settings to the lowest it still lags and i played the day before fine with max settings

its a world i started not a public server

Single player? Any mods?

I would try without mods to see if its a mod is causing it.

its co-op with no mods

I never tried co-op, I would try turning off co-op to see if that was the cause.

i loaded into a singleplayer and it also had the issue i also joined a online server

the first day i got the game it did this and then the day after it was fine and then today its messing up again

At the moment, I think giving details to the bug report so Funcom can assist. I am unfortunately not a computer expert. Hopefully they can resolve it quickly.

PC Discussion / PC Bug Reports.

They have a format that is useful for them. More details you give, the better they can respond.

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Well, if it’s happening on single player, that leads me to suspect your computer. Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?

Speaking of updates, it’s also possible that your computer decided to run some windows updates or an antivirus scan or something while you are playing. That happens to me on occasion and when it does I get symptoms very similar to what you are experiencing. Unfortunately the best solution for that is to exit everything and just let it do it’s thing. Might take a while though.

There is big bug report on PC Bug Reports section which has been linked to. So sounds like an issue that some people are having and Funcom is looking into. It appears to be a GamePass version issue.

Stuttering / lag / freezing - PC Discussion / PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

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Something like this is what I thought, too.

That said, the latest GeForce Game-Ready Driver update blue-screened my PC.

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