Why do you guys not care?

I like how you guys have rules but dont enforce them. Servers have massive land claim to only block build and make the server run like sh**. Love the game but some toxic players and funcom not giving a sh** make it bad.


Did you bother to report it properly or did you just run to the forum to throw a tantrum like a child? Different actions will yield different results but event reporting things will not give you instant gratification. Acting this way will probably get you reported instead.


I recommend reading these:

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Been there, done that over a month ago. In fact two of us did it in the same week. Still Nothing…


@Muppetish did even sent 20+ pics and nothing

It takes time, yours won’t be the only case that needs looking into and it’s possible that they haven’t even got to it yet. Especially during the summer break, less people doing the job so the job takes longer.

Just to let you know, on our Official server (where there was crazy amounts of spam), Funcom just came through and cleaned a lot of it out. Took them a long time to respond but they did eventually come through.


I don’t know what the official time window is, but I think I remember reading something along the lines of “please allow 6-8 weeks for investigation” being posted by a fellow forum member recently.

Yeah I would say 6 to 8 weeks sounds about right


hmm, land claim issues, how big is it? is it blocking something unique?

there is a difference between SERVER FPS and client (your pc) FPS.

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I remember 6-8 weeks being the delivery time for boardgames I’d order from Avalon Hill when I was in high school. Wonderful anticipation when the mailman would come and crushing disappointment that today wasn’t the day LOL.
Could you even imagine how many heads would explode if same day or overnight delivery went by the wayside today?


By today’s standard? Yes I can -

burn it down


What I find telling is how many people don’t actually understand what it takes to clean up a server. I mean I have it easy. If someone gets on the server I admin on, and causes a mess. I have One button I can press and it cleans up everything that person did. It effectively wipes them from existence.

Funcom can’t do that on official. Not unless they take the server down, install Pippi, do the thing, then bring it back down, unload the mod (which is asking for database issues on those 800+ day databases).

So instead… and you all can try this on singleplayer, is they login, assuming the server isn’t full (40/40) use tilde key and type makemeadmin password, and then they can use fly and ghost to slowly look in the problem areas reported.

I can’t tell you how long that process could take if there’s just spam everywhere.

And they have to do that for what? 450 servers on just PC?

And this has the xbox tag, so they gotta use a controller for that crap unless keyboard and mouse works.

But yeah, go into singleplayer. Spawn yourself about 100 foundations and place them all over the place, hide them good too, get them under the ground and in cliffs.

Now go back and try to clean them all up. Time yourself. See how long that takes. And understand you know where they all are at. Now imagine if you didn’t. Now imagine you have to do way more than 100 foundations. And you have a few dozen servers to do that day.

6-8 weeks? Sounds about right, considering they have 3-4 mods per platform.

You know if they would mod officials, with just Pippi. Just the Pippi mod, which would improve your chat interface and effectively would change NOTHING else about your experience. It would give them tools that would cut that 6-8 week wait time to 2-3 days tops.

All they would need to do is find the offending player, wipe their buildings, ban them, and move on. Instead of wasting hours with default admin commands. They could do it in minutes.

I do not envy Funcom server mods. I don’t. That job sucks.

you seem to talk a lot about server you never play on , because you dont like them, just sayin!

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They have your money…that’s what they care about. I put in a ticket/bug report months ago and it never got resolved…just crickets chirping. So, clearly, reporting stuff doesn’t get you far around here.

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I have 20+ complaint place over the past 3 years about spaming and spawn blocking. Never seen anything done. So your statement is out off context. This man obviously tried to report it with no response. If someone was childish in this situation it was you. Sorry if I offended you but I felt like your intention was to offend him. Have a nice day

Except, they do.

The reporting process works, it is just not fast.

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No offense taken, you are allowed to have an opinion.

Exactly. The original poster’s concern has been mentioned many times over the past YEAR or more. Another 3 to 5 years and it’ll be solved. Right? :slight_smile:

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And I will ask again as no one bothered to answer my question the first time. Was it ever reported via the proper methods or was it just “mentioned” on the forums as you all seem to be claiming. Mentioning things on the forums means nothing. Reporting the issue via the proper methods is a whole other matter and will eventually lead to the results you are looking for. Failing to do that will not. Continuing to avoid answering that very simple question leads one to believe the answer is, no, it was not reported but merely “mentioned”.