Why do you let players from other countries play on NA servers?

This creates all kinds of issues, they often have a ping over 200ms and don’t tell me that they cant connect. Everyone knows using the IP and direct connect bypass that. I can swing at a player and he’s not even there, the latency is crazy. Like a built-in lag switch. You devs need to listen to your customers or you won’t have any.

Yes, this is Official. This would be an easy fix, just Geo lock the servers.

100% They said they are from Spain and you cant PVP these guys, they lag all over. It’s a Sh*t show… I truly love this game but the fact that the Dev’s don’t take simple steps to improve the experience for the users is why you only see one Siptah server out of all of them with any players. I know so many people who won’t play it anymore because of all these issues. Thralls stuck everywhere, under meshing, lag issues, geolocation for players I still see after years now the same old hacks that some of these players are using. I just don’t get it. This game has so much potential but it’s lost 90% of it’s original player base due to the same issues year after year.

I know what one of the user’s ping is because he streams on YouTube and I can see it. He’s using Toggledebughud. Is never below 200ms and usually its near 300+ms on average. This allows him to literally run into an instance all the way to the last boss without even agroing a single mob. It allows him to kill a player before that player even knows he’s being hit. I would post the videos but I don’t want this post to be removed.

They have as much right there as you do. Did you think that maybe you’re the one lagging? A little secret I live in Kansas but get a better ping on a server in Germany then most American servers. Another issue is Battle Eye a third party program known to cause lag.

Networking 101 please read and learn about latency before coming in here and spouting about rights. Has nothing to do with that.

For the record I have a fiber connection with 20ms so it’s not me.

This has to do with user experience and game performance, bad net code etc.

and there isn’t much you can do about VPNs. I can enter a server form any country I choose. Ping limiting would help, but I think that created more support complaints when they had tighter restrictions on ping before.

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Netcode 101 says that you shouldn’t be the one having problems if the latency is on their end. Since Conan Exiles is not 100% server-authoritative, this is (more or less, but simplified) what happens when you swing a weapon at an enemy:

  1. Your client checks if you hit, according to the information it has.
  2. If it decides you did, it sends that to the server.
  3. The server checks if you hit, according to the information it has.
  4. If it decides you did, it sends that to your enemy.
  5. Your enemy eats damage.

So, if the latency is on their end, you should be able to hit them and they would be eating damage despite thinking you’re nowhere near them.


The way latency works is an advantage for them, not us. It’s like a lag switch. Regardless you should never allow someone with a ping of 200ms play. This is a real issue, the guy even posts videos on it. I just don’t want this thread deleted by Funcom for linking them.

I just explained why it isn’t an advantage for them. Which part of the explanation do you disagree with?

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I know how it works very well, CCIE

Does Cisco also certify how netcode is programmed in video games? Because what you got wrong isn’t the concept of latency, it’s what the server and client do in their code.

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You don’t even need to understand that to know latency is BAD for everyone on the server, simple as that.



Seriously, your telling me that people having 200+ ms ping is ok? I know you cant be saying that to me.

I’m saying that people having 200+ ms ping is their problem and their disadvantage. If they’re somehow at an advantage, then maybe something else is happening. :man_shrugging:


I 100% disagree and the fact they they are lagging due to latency makes them teleport, move in strange ways etc. This is not what you want in your game, simple fix is geolocation ip blocking, or simply fix the bug that lets you bypass the ping restrictions currently in place.

Then if their ping is so high as you claim why are their clients not crashing? If my ping is too high I can’t even connect to the server. So as @CodeMage said you’re missing something.

Seriously you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. You can directly connect via IP regardless of your ping. Not going to argue with you guys, bottom line is no one should be playing with a ping above 200ms it’s bad for everyone and worse if you’re exploiting this loophole. Also, your client does not crash because your ping is high, I only posted here in hopes one of the devs would read this. Codemage is obv a coder and I’m a CCIE were not going to agree. Nature of the beast…

Sent you a DM with the link look at that guys ping 200ms+ all the time

Can I get one too? Just because I disagree on technical points, doesn’t mean I’m not curious. Heck, I’ll even promise to not say what I think after watching it :slight_smile: