Once again we have Brazilians on our US server with a PING of 300+

When are you going to stop this Funcom, they are teleporting all over due to the latency. Everyone knows you can bypass your ping limit by direct connection. You guys are killing this game by not implementing simple things like region lock. This will be the 3rd time we have had to pack up because you can’t fight these guys when they are teleporting.


This is happening on Server 6440. Major latency issues and dc’s make the game impossible to play.

Some of the Funcom IDs of this clan:

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Not really supposed to pump their id’s up on the forums bud. Report here https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053664411-How-to-report-players-clans-exploits-or-connectivity-issues-on-any-of-our-Official-Servers

Region locks are one way, but some people might have an internationally good connection or wish to play with a friend in another country.

If you don’t address the underlying issue, then these sorts of players will simply go to region unlocked servers and create problems there.

If the game could manage itself… like detecting when people are using lag to create teleport conditions in combat… then tally up a hidden score that tracks cheesy abuse of gameplay loopholes. I’ve mentioned this in a few other places, but this hidden score is called “Affront to the Gods”. Basically each God reacts a certain way to different discouraged behaviors or even use of in game features too frequently. When a God’s hidden “Resentment” Meter is filled, it will trigger an automagic Avatar Calldown at the next predetermined time against the Offending player’s claimed territory and structures. God’s may judge different behaviors more or less harshly. Players can offset Resentment with frequent Worship, but there is a limit to how much Gods can be appeased. Crom can’t be appeased at all… but instead of an Avatar Calldown, he hits the offenders territory with a Meteor Shower.

This way if a clan is abusing lag to teleport all over, they will have to factor in the reality that they are going to be generating risk as a consequence. They can still do it, which is, in a way interesting, but the game will start to discourage them if they take it too far or become an uncontrollable menace.

I think a consistent “Sword of Damocles” game element would be way more effective than relying on people to report abuse every time it happens to the moderators. Aside from the fact that Moderators already have to listen to likely countless exaggerated or false reports, it’s pretty clear FunCom want’s the game to be more self-managing. I bet false reports would also drop drastically if people imagined the game would punish certain behaviors they disagree with too…

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