Why does funcom suck

at running game worlds after they are launched ? This is my second Funcom game, Ao being the first, and later Secret World 3rd.

All three game phased out almost identically. meaning it took abouit 1 year for population to ge tlow, server merge. So instead of looking at the core problems in the game worlds thy just keep putting there hands on their heads and acting like they have done everything they could, so another merger…

You would think after 2 decades of almost identical data Funcom would find some clues on why they arent retaining players. Nope. nada, merger time.

If this funcoms business model all along ? Just run people out of the game so they can do little and coast to the bank ? Is there even a bank ? How is funcom even making any money at this point ?

ITs obvious they sat on exiles for over 11 years, but what now ? Its ridiculouos they can operate with 24 people in a single server ? Something isn’t right and it s annoying me.

You are talking trash m8,


1.) Age of Conan is the one and only mmorpg for me since so many years. I love it but sometimes I hate it… but mostly love it :stuck_out_tongue:

2.) Secret World Legends is awesome! I really love this game, the setting, the story, that you never stop to improve your character! This is the game I play when I am tired of AoC :stuck_out_tongue:

3.) Conan Exiles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ark, don’t need to say more. Humans are like sheeps, that’s why more people play Ark ^^

You have no clue, Utogi!

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I a gree the games themselves have value an fun.

This is a bizarre thread.