Why does this not connect?

There so many problems with the building system in this game…
I’m currently trying to build a tree house with the DoD DLC. I have placed 3 foundations and surrounded them with wedge ceilings so I have a hexagon where each side it 2 wedges wide. Now, while trying to put a roof on I cannot attach the upside down roof wedge to the regular roof wedge, so I have to build a wall in the middle of my house and place wedge ceilings on that in a small hexagon shape… (WTF!?) now my problem is that that wedge ceilings refuse to connect so I can only place the two that are connected directly to the wall…!?!
Here’s my suggestion to the Conan Exiles dev team: FIX THE GAME!!!
There’s so many bugs in this game, not just with the building system, but in general, so how about you hold back on the DLCs for a bit and address the issues we have now!?