Structures, so simple but yet so annoying?

Game mode: (Online official
Type of issue: [|Bug|]
Server type: | PvE-Conflict |
Region: [EU]

[ps I cannot upload any pictures :slight_smile: , So after building my mini castle with a hexagon look , I completed it all the way to the top, took roughly 1-hour because it was my first time on this design. Once I try to seal off the ceiling and complete my final steps, it just doesn’t let me place the final wedge ceiling ( 6 wedge ceiling hexagon), can only place 5. Even allow you can clearly see a free open slot for the last wedge that would fit perfect ]

This “failed to place building” is just…evil. I’ve looked it up, tried stuff, like going further away, sometimes it works sometimes doesn’t. It’s always super simple too, like nothing is in the way, it won’t “block yo spawn pointz”, but then it just won’t fit. As already mantioned, and I echo it, this happens to me with foundation pieces. Yesterday I almost threw a damn fit because every second piece had that problem. To add to details, this usually happens to me when I want install foundation pieces in sloped areas or where there is a lot of detail like grass and bushes and things I had to destroy for land space, like trees and boulders. (dude just like real life)

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