Why funcom why conan exiles?

why cant skip the intro’s when loading the game ??? why the game restart when joining modded server ??? can i make it to not restart ?? why loading is so slow when loading the game ??? WHY WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY ???

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any optimization settings ???

Have you considered that your pc and/or connection might be too slow for the amount of mods the server is running?

  • Skip intro - it is possible to skip it and even remove it but the intro is a loading screen. If your pc is slow, you will be seeing the intro. I can skip it almost instantly.

  • You can set your local mod list to match the server’s and the game won’t restart twice. Local Mod List

my connection is good i tried that with the ini and the game decide to start crash after sometime my pc is good ryzen - 6 core cpu 16 gb ram 3000mhz m2 ssd ect ect … thanks i will try that with the mod lits

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Yeah unlike other games where you get an intro movie which is then followed by a load screen before you reach the main menu, Conans loading is sneakily done in that intro movie and brand name animation, hence why you can only skip it once it has finished loading the game. It’s a trade off, if you remove all mods that you have listed as active then you can skip it right away. But then you will have to restart if a server you play on uses mods, or like Narelle suggested you can mimic your active mod list to be that of the servers and then you wont have to launch the game twice to connect to the server but you may have to deal with watching some of the intro movie each time.

“First they took your family and your riches, then they took your health and your hide, what would you do exile if there was nothing left but to die, or die mmMMHURG (axe hitting post sound)” (I know I altered his speech a little but I prefer mine ;))


yeah watching 1 time fine but 1000 mills times aint fun :smiley: i tried the modlist and works good thanks but i wish for loading time optimization or some kind fix come on the game released long time ago

Has to do with your storage device speed. As well as how many mods you have on and their filesize.

Personally I have no loading screen whatsoever. As soon as Unreal/Nvidia show up I can click to see the mainmenu. If I run the mods that my server requires (about 5GB of mods), then it takes until I see Ramza’s feet before I can skip.

This is because I am using a Solid State Drive. I cannot recommend this QOL change enough for anyone who still hasn’t made the switch. Its a cheap upgrade nowadays and easy to swap over files using steam. Just remember to redo your modlist.txt when you do, it will still be pointing to the old drive.

After I disabled the intro a while ago, my loading screen takes longer to let me jump into the game. So overall the time between clicking on steam to start, and making my first move in the game remained the same.
But it’s better for me because I love the theme music :slight_smile:

On average 3-4 minutes to enter the official server, but modded servers at 10-15 minute load time.
Playing on 3 modded servers, watching that blasted movie 1000s of times in the last 2 years, We would rather see a black screen.
BTW anyone notice that she is bleeding, but has no cuts front or rear. Nasty boys over at FUNcom.

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Wow something that actually works better on console than PC

What are you talking about? Of course we know how its programmed in there. Its set to play while the game is loading. Once its done, you can skip it.

When I had a HDD just under a month ago, it took the entire video to load the game, and some extra (a black screen with the three loading dots). When I switched to SSD (no mods changed), it loaded far faster, its done loading as soon as the cross scene begins to appear. That’s several minutes down to a few seconds.

There’s nothing mysterious about it. You don’t need to mod it, it just works. The loading time has everything to do with your storage device.

The fix is literally switch to SSD.

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