Why I never ride horses at night in Conan Exiles


Oh… horses can’t fly? (but some deer can)

There are flying mounts in Exiles Extreme mod. Perhaps this will be my saving grace?

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Sorcery works better… and Slow Fall works with a horse, its hilarious :smiley:

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Can you cast Slow Fall while falling and mounted on a horse? Or better yet, we’ve gotten spells in a bottle as BP rewards. Why not implement something in-game with a mixture of Alchemy and Sorcery and store spells in a bottle? Such as the potion that rerolls Thrall perks.

i have tought that was because of it:

Mongo Punches Horse GIFs | Tenor


Nah, you cast then you go on the horse… And you jump !! :smiley:

Well if you are gonna jump of a ledge deliberately then it is a great thing, but the timer on slow fall is so short that it is useless in most other cases, think it is a minute or so, definitely too dangerous to use in combination with flying bats unless you keep track of how long you got left, really sucks to be in a slow fall and then it wears off halfway down :joy:

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This is the fun part, how long until it wears off :rofl:

Couple this with the idea that horses seem to generate lift sometimes when hitting small rocks or ledges and just go airborne.


Scout saddles exacerbate that problem a lot.


Carry a torch.

I have BotRM but that doesn’t light up that much distance if you are in full gallop. The point is, you can run pretty fast without having to worry about hitting a tiny pebble or a stick which stops you in your tracks. Not to mention, if you do fall off a cliff, at least we come equipped with the ability to grab on to the cliff wall. Horses are not so lucky in that endeavor.

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Time to bring in the Fire Mares

:horse_racing: :fire:

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Yeah, this is why I mentioned the mod Exiles Extreme but of course there are other mods too which incorporate flying mounts as well.

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I’m on console so can’t take advantage but that’s cool

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Watch your self at nights flying on those Mounts for dark sky bases :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Unless your mod has “headlights” :wink::rofl:.
Tbh, i am really great full for the third perk on agility, i learn the game without horses and i really enjoy this freedom of, sprinting, climbing, etc…
No horse or dragon or bat can match this freedom, none!
And guess what, it doesn’t matter if it’s night or day :wink:.

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