Why is everything so superficial and shallow

For example the breeding program, Well what breeding programme.
I have played games where you could get lost for month in the breeding and never touch the rest of the game.

Farming , How is it farming if you just make compost, Plant seeds, Harvest crop, then go manually harvest more seeds. and start again, Not getting seeds with the crop is the real puzzeler.

Thralls, No controls or very little, Where is the follow distance control, Where is the Aggressive/Defencive/Passive controls… And why on earth do they not move away when bumped / pushed by the player.

Building just enough to call it building, DLC are just reskins, very little new concepts apart from tree house foundationsn. And then you just reskin a ceiling for a rope bridge, So it requires pillars SERIOUCLY. And dont get full range with each DLC.

Anw why on earth cant we change dancers routine, who currently for some reason only have two.

I wont go on.


A really constructive and usefull comment. Thank you for your valuable input.


I agree with everything you said.

But, I view these things as being the start of something.

When I started playing, none of this was even in the game.

Was the game released too soon?.. Yes
Was that Funcoms fault?.. No

The Game had to release when it did because of contracts with distributors.

I’m waiting for better, instead of dwelling on what’s lacking.

And I’m a devout pessimist, but I know it’s better to try and look for brighter skies than to curse the darkness.


@ Shadoza
Your point is very well made.
Thank you.
And this is what i would expect if i had baught into an early acces game.
But I paid for what was supposidly a fully fleshed game, not the shell of one.


Look around at your options for open world sand box. Are No Man’s Sky and Ark that much more deep? For my tastes Conan has them beat although NMS is a nice chill on occasion. 1 million miles wide but 1 inch deep. Still very enjoyable. Conan does a great job when you look at realistic expectations at what can be done given current tech and budgets. I think you are being a little unrealistic about what you can get in an open world sand box today. Come back in ten years and tell me about what you are playing. Hopefully I will still be around.


Exactly. The features you’ve mentioned aside, this applies even more so to the bugs and performance issues in the game. It’s almost 2 years post official release and it still plays like an early access game. That’s what happens when quality is sacrificed for deadlines and cash.

Indeed…it would make sense to have farming give you seeds from your own plantings.
The thralls could use more options which Funcom might be working on…not sure.
The only problem I’ve really had with the building is that, after all this time, often building pieces still don’t snap on like they should. This issue has been present since day one and I have no idea why it hasn’t been fixed yet. I do agree more varied options could have been introduced instead of just reskinning…but, here again, the basic building system has yet to be polished.


cries in stygian


Only someone who had not played Ark. And got lost for months in the Breeding system could ask that. Or someone who had a bad experiance and wanted to play something more simple.
Personnaly I have near 5k hours in Ark pvp and would prob still be playing if someone hadnt given in to pressure from certain players, Mostly the mega tribes, To allow player transfer with all there tames and tech plus ready prefabed buildings in a box, to transfer to the new maps. So now Mega tribes just invade a server overnight and GG.
This is something i have seen discussed here aswell, Big mistake.
So ya, If you delve into the complexaties of Arks Farming and breeding system, There is more.

Dont get Me wrong, I like this game, some of the origonal concepts are great. But maybe they need to spend more time fleshing out what they have and fixing it so it works, Instead of always going for the cash grab DLC.


The irony being you are trumpeting a company who sold expansions during the EA period. And whose sister game months ago declared there would be micro transactions to support it’s own EA (Atlas).

Arguments about the DLCs existence is basically ignoring every single patch to have come out in the past 2 years. And for the last time, you can make art assets and not affect gameplay creation or code. Game development isn’t one single job with one single field of expertise.

Stick to being constructive in your posts, mention things you would like to see. That’s all fine and great. However the “DLCs are cash grabs” arguments are false, and overused, and leads to no where.


Explaining what is in a game is not trumpeting Dont twist the subject.
And in case you missed. I said spend more time. Not all time.

“. And for the last time, you can make art assets and not affect gameplay creation or code. Game development isn’t one single job with one single field of expertise.”

And whot on earth has this got to do with my question.

And why do the fan boys always want to shoot down anybody who dares critacise there pet game.
Some people answered the question in a constructive manner, Others well …


The one I really don’t get above all is seeds, like really, what the trucking fudge nuggets, I need to go out make the compost which given it requires raw ash at the very least requires a trip to the volcano and then after all that I dont even get a chance at getting seeds.

why even have seeds if its just a long way to getting just a little more plant? they have made farming such a waste of time.


I don’t believe I criticized your observations about breeding, follower AI, and etc, as those were constructive. But if all you are here to do is name call anybody who disagree’s with your other points, than the thread is pointless. Good luck in your adventures.


I was not “Trumpetine” Ark. If you actually read previous posts you would see I was responding to a previous posters question. Your comment totally invalid and insulting.

I did not say there should be no DLC. I suggested they should spend more time fleshing out and fixing what they have. More not all. Your comment invalid.
And most of it irrelevant.

As for the cash grad DLC, Well it’s a matter of opinion. And you may find the majority dont sway the way you might like.

So whether being insulting is couched in well spoken politeness. Or as subtle as a sledgehammer as i tend to be. It amounts to the same thing.

So your input to this thread was nil. Maybe you feel the need to maintain your status as a well respected member of the community and frequent poster by jumping posts you have nothing to add to i dont know.

So since most of your criticism was about points i had never made,

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I’ve seen it a thousand times on these forums usually from the same people who never seem to get their comments flagged or removed. I’ve been guilty of verbal misgivings myself, but most of the time, it’s when someone else starts it. Some of my old posts have gotten flagged and removed, some admittedly deserved, some not. But the same group of people say whatever they want and nothing happens.
Lot’s of favoritism here.


The community controls the flagging. If you see something that violates the terms of service, feel free to flag it.

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You mean like your first snarky comment to the OP that was off topic, unnecessary, and aimed at garnering a negative response…which it did?

Much of the flagging I’ve seen had nothing to do with a violation of the terms…things often get flagged simply because someone doesn’t like what is said…that much is obvious.

I’ll take a hard pass on your invitation to flag posts for two reasons:

  1. I believe firmly in everyone having the freedom to say exactly what’s on their mind. If someone get’s offended by it, it falls to the offended party to grow a thicker skin…take the higher ground, if you will.
    In elementary school they taught us “sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us”; and to ignore ignorant people. Guess what…they were right; it works, and I’ve tried to live by that since. Anything else would make me a hypocrite.
  2. I don’t subscribe to the idea that it falls to me to police Funcom’s forums.

I get your point i really do. However you have to admit that even that half-game is one of our favorites right now. In all my gaming story and believe me it is going way back, i can’t remember my self after 11 months playing only one game to think on my job that i want to go home and play. Never. Maximum 4 months and then i was faling asleep with the controller in my hands. With conan, no way, not yet at least. Imagine if we had the full game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… Omg i would be sick forever :face_with_thermometer::sneezing_face:, sry boss i am sick one month now :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I think you get my point here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


It’s high time we swapped back to the subject at hand, the shallowness of the game. On the other subject, please feel free to retort as I have only two things to say about your post, from that level: 1) most flags from members give you a chance to edit the post and again pass an acceptability test to unflag it 2) other than self-censoring, removal constitutes moderator action which is never to be openly discussed.

Give me crocodiles that follow me into the rivers. My very first PvP server in April of 2017 had a glitch where if you tried to swim across at one of two croc spots, you got hit by instant death. For a while there, it kept me heart-racingly on the side of noobville. I concocted a scenario where a croc had grabbed me and done a deathroll. Give us that. Water dangers, in phases, so we don’t all ragequit.


I was certain the first time I did The Sunken City that I was going to get attacked by a shark. That would be cool. You should be able to fight back of course.

The game has plenty of complexity. If I didn’t have the wiki, I don’t know if I could have figured out the supply chains for hardened steel or star metal within a reasonable amount of time. It must have been fun during development to do that if there was no wiki.


Agreed. My apologies for diverting based on the comment made by the OP.
But I do have a question:

Even though my comment was general in nature and not a complaint concerning moderation of myself, I just reviewed the Community Guidelines and couldn’t find this. Could you please point me to the source of this information? If I’ve missed some rules or regulations, I’d like to correct that oversight.