WHY is Shelter icon popup spamming CONSTANTLY?

99.99% of the time playing the game you are NOT IN A SANDSTORM and the Shelter obnoxious sliding popup is 100% USELESS. Why is that IN THE GAME? You don’t even need visual indicator of shelter wearing sandstorm mask LOL! VERY bad!

Not just sandstorm, Sometimes its nice to know that this spot is safe, the under cliff is good hide spot or that you’ll be ok in your home.

It’ll also point out spots in home that are temperature goofy.

You make it sound like Icon is dead center of your screen? I got my brother play this game for 1st time other day, and I had walk from my room to his to point damn thing out cause he couldnt find it standing in the house we made. XD

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I legitly thought something was goofed up till I read your reply. I’ve been running Hosav’s UI for so long I thought something might have changed I hadn’t seen lol.

I’m on ps4, so its just under corner of stam bar on edge of screen.

Opps… dont have one with shelter on this PC… but replace smoothing with Shelter. XD

I also have to keep pointing to bottom right of screen for ps4 controls…

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Yep, that’s where the Shelter icon shows up on PC as well.

To be noted when you are fully sheltered , your water and food consumption drops to very low ( so you can be AFK longer while fully sheltered, about 1h + ) so it is usefull to know when it is active or not .

if you don’t want the Shelter Icon … then don’t build a roof over your head , sleep in the wild under the moonlight , it’s not like if it was a tiny ‘seethrough’ box on the top left of your screen .

I can’t wait to see what you will post here , once you discover that using all buffs potion or fishes will fill up that side of your screen :rofl:


Donald? Is that you???

Jokes apart, the shelter icon, which we can agree is not really obstructing your view, should indicate you where you are sheltered so that when the storm finally comes you will know where to run. At least that’s how I have used it so far.

Sem falar que mesmo dentro da base as vezes não há abrigos por uma razão aleatoria

Because sandstorms used to travel at random across the lower map, and now they are on one track thru the UC. I lterally see them spawn one after another from my base at Muriela’s and they never waiver from that path.

I want the old sandstorm back. The only thing remotely threatening about the sandstorm is that its current path takes it through some of the southern spawn points. I had to take shelter once near the fake bat demon at level three.

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