Why is there no "Queue update Mods" button in the PC launcher?

As simple as the title says… Why is there no “Queue update Mods” button in the PC launcher? Right there with the mod management.

Adding such a button could save a lot of time with the double loading of games and mods, sometimes I even have to restart thrice due to some update complications.

I don’t get why this haven’t been thought of yet… :sweat_smile:

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Uh, what exactly would that serve? Steam handles mod updates.

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But it doesn’t, not entirely. Each time I load into the game and there has been a mod update I need to first check mod compatibility and then update, restart the game again and hope it works on the first time.

It would save double if not triple the time of loading after a mod update if this could be forced through the launcher instead.

But if steam workshop doesn’t detect the update (otherwise it would auto-update), how is the launcher going to help unless Funcom makes it so that they re-download all mods every time to make sure you are getting the updated pak. I would really dislike this as a solution especially if I have a large mod list.

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That’s a good point, but… What is the difference between the “queue mod updates” in game opposed to a button to enforce this in the game launcher? It would work similarly. Right now we don’t redownload all mods when trying to connect to a modded server that has newer mod versions.

I guess my description is somewhat confusing… What I mean is: A button in the launcher to queue mod updates.

For additional clarification, I mean this…

Where is this option? If a mod needs an update all I get is a mod mismatch, so I need to see why Steam didn’t update it and deal with the issue via Steam because they are the ones handling the updates (usually unsub/re-sub).

That’s the point, there isn’t :rofl:

Ok next question, what the mod mismatch does is compare your installed version to the one required by the server. How would the launcher know what the specific server you are trying to connect to requires? The mod mismatch does not download/update anything because the workshop is handled by steam.

EDIT: or do you mean, you want a button on the launcher to go through all your subscribed mods and see if any of them needs an update and if so, to download it automatically?

You make a good point :thinking: Perhaps it could check it against favorited servers, which would be drawn into a little list after you checked them as such. I know that for most roleplayers (which commonly use a lot of mods) they use only 1 or 2 servers to play on, I am ammusing the same rule applies to a good portions of other players.

Yes :smiley: As a queue update on subscribed mods, or on mods on the selected server from your (favorite) list.

Thanks for clarifying, at least now I understand what your feature request is.

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

P.S: Love your mods :heart:

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