Why nerf crafted bindings?

Why change taskmasters to no longer affect the stats of crafted bindings?

Is this just to nerf Bindings of the Dead to make the Dead Woman’s Tresses more appealing?

If so, that is a terrible reason.

Taskmasters are almost useless now.

With this change, crafted bindings gain nothing from them. Unless you have the Heavy-weight Truncheon recipe, which is Siptah-only, there is no truncheon worth crafting. Wheels of Pain break thralls so fast now, adding a taskmaster is hardly worth the effort.

Why even bother wasting your time acquiring a taskmaster now? I guess no reason beyond shaving those ten seconds off breaking a far more useful thrall…


Try crafting a pickaxe.
Now try crafting it with a named smith.

It’s not just the bindings that no longer get a bonus from craft thralls. Many tools are in the same boat.


I hope it is an unintentional bug, but I’m not sure how you accidentally make tools not receive crafting bonuses…


This game has a not insignificant amount of spagh-
Custom assets.

Frequently when a bug pops up, this one also is left wondering what in the actual cluck is going on.
Remember when hitting a boss with a pick would kill you by dropping you thru the world?

It doesn’t even pretend to make sense.


I don’t find just the taskmasters optional, like @LostBrythunian said, i find them all optional!
Whether i like it or not, that’s my truth, yet i would understand the functional necessity of crafters if the legendary weapons were close to high tier crafted ones.
The Nomad style now is more powerful than ever.
But i would suggest pve players not to loose faith in their crafters, this Nomad style era is just a dev lesson to their community. Eventually crafters will return dynamic but the complaints about op crafting differences will be minimized… Or not :rofl:.

(i was replying to @Tephra lol)


If only you could be right!! .
With their stupid idea " legendary weapons become legendary again , while basically it was us who nerfed them " we end up with useless dungeons , useless craftsmen .
functionalities which until then worked very well destroyed.
Come on Funcom: give us a reason to go to the volcano, to the ice temple, to the wine cellar, give us a reason to go find a craftsman, give us a reason to play!!


Chain bindings also can only be repaired on a torturer’s bench now. Previously they could be repaired on a wheel of pain/gibbet with a T3 taskmaster.

My bladesmith gives me a more powerful weapon. It was like that just yesterday.

AND FC is on vacation now, am i right?

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Weapon, yes.
Tools, no.


Would really like to see this fixed. I noticed it a couple weeks ago. I’d spent quite some time on a new server finding myself a tempersmith before I made my first starmetal pickaxe. And then it didn’t even matter. The choices made, if they are intentional, boggle the mind.

It seems with every update, they take away more reasons to play the game and, instead, just funnel us into whatever new event is around for a limited time only.


I’ve been saying exactly this for a while. They are literally removing player autonomy in an attempt to force people into doing “limited time event X”. IN A FREAKING SANDBOX GAME!!!

A sandbox game is a video game with a gameplay element that provides players a great degree of creativity to interact with, usually without any predetermined goal, or alternatively with a goal that the players set for themselves.

But why should that surprise anyone, they have already abandoned the survival aspects of the game long ago. :roll_eyes:


While I will certainly agree that they are slowly removing various play style options and narrowing the field of the “correct” way to play the game, I can at least say that Conan Exiles is nowhere near as bad as what the 7 Days to Die devs have done in this regard.


I was a 7d2d player before I discovered CE and I cannot agree more. They’ve certainly added some things of value to the game (and significantly improved the graphics), but every iteration is more restrictive than the last, and they truly seem fixated on ‘our way or don’t play’. I have my complaints with CE and Funcom (many and loud, lol), but certainly they haven’t (yet) gone as far as 7d. Whether that is enough of a positive, of course, remains to be seen.

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Jeeeez, for Pete’s sake.
What ever happened to tedious, oppressive, endless grinding???
Too many have it too easy.

That actually started years ago (was it 2.4?) with the update that added the new crafting stations, and removed the uniqueness of the vast majority of crafter thralls.

Yeah, and I had been asking for the same level of variety for Blacksmith thralls that we had with Armorsmith thralls. Instead they went the opposite route and removed thrall uniqueness away.


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