Taskmaster change request

Now that we have 4 unique thrall breaking devices, I think the taskmaster needs to be revisited. Instead of a crafting thrall, I would say it needs to be a placeable thrall (like a dancer) that provides an aura of thrall breaking increases for the WoP/gibbets out there. Limit it to 1 taskmaster can provide expedient breaking for 8 different thralls being processed.

So that not only does it equate the function, it also removes the cheese of just adding a taskmaster at the last minute to complete the thrall.

And what about Torturer’s Worktable?

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Likely not possible with how the game is designed.

I would not support the idea regardless, the game doesn’t need more dumbing down.

Great point… blacksmith comes to mind but that’s just me defending vs an actual plan… nevermind then…they are crafters.

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