Dual Roles for the Taskmasters

Some might disagree with me but for simplicity’s sake, I think taskmasters as currently available can be given the dual roles of taming animals of animal pens and training thralls.

After all, if they are able to brutally tame wild animals, what goes more as well for slaves?

Furthermore I would suggest to change the animation of taskmasters of instead just kneeling, to holding arms together and occasionally pointing towards the wheel of pain/animal pen.


Not sure I understand what purpose the taskmaster is supposed to have with regards to animals. Are they supposed to make them grow faster? Allow us to drag KO’d adult animals back to break them? Something else?

i suggest that beast tamers should work on the animal pen like he suggests.


Perhaps we can have taskmasters to increase a bit the probabilities of crafting greater pets since you know, they can give the baby pets a strict but proper diet regime :sweat_smile: (providing that fodder is available).

Oh… and as well to increase the productivity speed of dung and etc. by ‘foie grasing’ the pets. :neutral_face:


Alrighty, that makes more sense, and I could get on-board with that. Thanks for clarifying.

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Would be a triple role: Dual role for taskmasters is the torturer’s worktable and being able to craft the Chain Bindings (which really many people dont know ;)).


Meh, given the ease with which you can get Szeth’s Truncheon and Bindings of the Dead now, the Torturer’s Worktable is pretty obsolete.

Yeah, Szeths truncheon and the improved truncheon really made the table obsolete… Also many people drop steel truncheons.

For the bindings of the dead, you have to gamble…

Meh, not everyone wants to bother with Szeth’s Truncheon as to be honest it is not hardly better at all and to be honest I do not find torturers workbench obsolete imo of course.

I do wish there was a thrall for the animal pet but think maybe the Beastmasters would be well suited as at moment they only show up in a purge or in the one camp over in the Jungle.

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Have you tried it? It blows even the Lovetap out of the water, it’s amazing and not hard to get.

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People still want thralls before getting to level 60. Yes, endgame gear makes lower-level gear obsolete for endgame players, but not everyone rushes to level 60 - many people actually play the game while leveling up.

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Yes I have tried it, have a couple of them , give them to my thralls. I have to be honest prefer the Lovetap.

You can’t craft a steel truncheon until level 50, so good point.

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You got my vote for Taskmaster dual roles and a Beast master. The Torturer’s Worktable needs some improvement and better use in my opinion too.

Build whips maybe… Whipping animations for the taskmaster instead of kneeling doing a prayer. These thralls are slaves after all. Maybe chains or improved chains could haul back 2 thralls at once? Maybe improved Truncheon can hit 2 thralls at once? How about Horse pull bindings to pull a thrall behind your mount?

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