Taskmaster for Pets

The game has taskmasters to reduce the time it takes to break a thralls spirit. Why not have a beastmaster or stablemaster thrall to aid in the rearing and taming of wild creatures and which reduces the time it takes to raise them to maturity as well as higher tier thralls increasing the chance for greater/rare pets?


Yeah I do wonder if they will add this later. It would be a good move.

Makes perfect sense!

Could be a secondary job for Jhebbal Sag priests, eh? Yeah, I know, they’re too valuable for that job. This was suggested before by the way, so I’ll say the same here as I did there: Just re-use the normal taskmasters for this job, if implemented. Thralls and Pets are intrinsically linked at the hip anyway, there’s hardly any difference (though I do much prefer picking up cubs to dragging thralls on a chain, recruitment-wise).

i was actually looking forward to the Dragging animals like joel wanted like for siege animals you needed 3 -5 people depend on strength to drag an animal.

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