Why not add skins?

Why not add skins to the game? Why not allow for example a “demon skin” for demonologist/Herald of Xotli , a “vampire” or “lich” skin for necro, a rocky skin for priest of Mithra , similar to Conan Exiles avatar but in smaller size(same as the character)?

Some can say that there are already a lich form, but it have cooldown. A skin will be visual only without any bonuses or penalties. There are currently many different pets on the game, but i think that non human skins for characters will be epic.


Something along the lines with how the morphs works or do you want to only change the skin color of the character?

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Morth and allow the PC to look like demon/lich/vampire/etc permanently as a premium item. All shapeshift skills are temporary and look like a demon is pretty cool and look like it 24/7 will be amazing.

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There are shapeshifting skills in the game, called morphs. Some of them are a skill you do not loose when you use it - they are a normal ability you can activate whenever you like. I think Kyllikki, Ymir…some dead guy…I can not remember all of them. They are not many, but they are there.
Furthermore there are many morphs you consume when you use them, one time morphs. They come mainly out of chests from the item shop if I remember correctly, and I think all of them are BoP.

But Kantakwa, most of this items are temporary and honestly, i don’t like the idea of paying for a chance of a thing that i want. I will gladly pay to morth into a demon, but not for the change of morth.