Why the ESRB 'Mature Rating' does allow Full Nudity, Which Begs the Question 'Why is it restricted in the U.S.?'

I thought you HAD to be kidding, or exaggerating at the very least… I checked it out cuz I thought when you said “drones” i thought actual female shaped automatons… but no…

You weren’t kidding…

I feel like the Arab Emirates is turning into a technocracy. A…religious technocracy? Guess there are advantages to having a symmetrical god. I also feel like the employed drones weren’t supposed to politicize against women, but more a naive experiment that failed horribly. They’d try the experiment in a women’s fashion show, because it… well… wouldn’t cause as much damage if it failed? Not like Arab womens’ fashion is drawing headlines…

Whatever the case… sexuality is a very interesting within a diverse cultural constellation.

I believe that diverse cultures should accommodate contemporary values and teach people to find value in all shapes and sizes, not just those that are socially appropriating, profitable or polarizing.

But then, I suppose whatever people do amongst themselves is up to them. But if a social constellation narrows the band of choices available to an individuals natural drives like sexuality, isn’t that more ignorant as opposed to respectful?

A social constellation to operates on a process of elimination (sorting by removing the undesired traits) instead of a process of addition (choosing the positive traits out of a bunch of undesired traits) isn’t gonna fly too well in a diverse environment…

Like the man said, truth is often stranger than fiction. :wink:

It’s all Microsoft and Sony. There is not a darn thing Funcom can do about it.

Bear in mind the “United Arab Emirates” and “Saudi Arabia”, while neighbors and allies, are two very different places. Even the various emirates within UAE are quite different, with Dubai being the most liberal/modern by far.

Anyway, not the point, but having spent a significant amount of time (years) in that part of the world I felt like jumping in - and it’s not like the topic itself (for the 100th time or so) is going to bring anything new with it :slight_smile:

Oh and yeah that fashion show with drones is rightly mocked as ridiculous, but hey sometimes you don’t know if something works until you try it.

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Aaaargh! Why in Crom’s name did I read to the end of this?!!

Simple: It is the Law.

If I remember correctly, FunCom had a ‘delightful’ old time when they were doing the release to non-PC platforms because, funnily enough, different countries have different Laws. And that is that.

I am not bothering to look up the reference channels you need to follow up on in your respective countries, or which Senators/Religious Figures/Boxes of Floribunda, you need to get hold of to petition changes. If it is that important, google it.

If the respective Laws of the land I live in do not suit the game I am playing then I suggest to myself to… … … … … … …

Well, you fill in your own dots for your special part of the planet…

(and no more decaf coffee for me)

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Incomplete experience, IE; I want to see breasts, vaginas, penises, blah,blah,blah…Buy a PC, visit pornsites, have fun. If Mommy only lets you play PS4/Xbox, oh well, sport…Thats what “others” think of your post. I have the authority to answer your questions and deny you any changes, since your only 13 years old apparently. (maybe not in RL but in mentality.) Seriously, reading this post cost me IQ points it is so redicuilous…

Just as conservative as US? You know they had a full government confiscation of firearms. They are going full on EU nanny state.

Being a nanny state and conservative are not mutually exclusive, and it wasn’t exactly a confiscation, considering it was a program for people to willingly hand over their firearms, there was no requirement to actually do it. Not to mention firearm ownership is still legal here, the laws surrounding gun ownership are just much stricter than in the US, but this country doesn’t have the strictest gun control laws by any stretch.

There are ways Australia is more liberal than the US, one being profanity, rules regarding profanity are less strict in media, for example, the word c**t (I think you can guess the word, since I had to self-censor.) is not viewed as harshly here, and gets used quite casually.

Thank you to those of you who have provided relevant and helpful information. It seems that general sentiment is in favor of limiting censorship. After all, what is the point of a rating system that allows informed and regulated purchases (as well as sales, such as with alcohol and tobacco,) if content is going to be restricted anyway? My misunderstanding was to believe that it was a choice by the developer/publisher to restrict a feature that by my interpretation of the rating is not forbidden nor would it require reevaluation to include, perhaps in an understandable attempt to protect themselves from backlash, or otherwise they were simply unaware that the rating does not necessarily restrict said content.

Furthermore, I believe it to be the responsibility of the parents and the retailer to judge whether or not a child can purchase an ‘M’ rated game, and thus ‘protect’ them from the content within. Additionally, I do not consider consoles to be ‘toys’ any more than I consider a Blu-Ray player to be a toy; it is merely a platform which interprets and displays media. (Consoles themselves are making the shift to multi-media platforms anyway.) Video-gaming is a popular hobby, but not everyone can afford a powerful PC, or keep up with the ever increasing hardware requirements.

With that out of the way, this topic is likely to close soon; so in parting I wish to once again thank those that responded with purpose and respect to the topic, genuinely trying to contribute to the discussion, even though it got a little off track.


This is why you should play PC. PC > Console. In fact, I would go so far as to say many of the “limits” in Conan are a direct result of it trying to be compatible with console. Conan would be even more awesome if it was not catering to consoles.

./hate console (but I have a PS4) bought it for my wife.

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Ehhh…i prefer console. put disc in, it works. No upgrades to video card, no worrying about directx, did i coordinate different settings to get the best out of this one game, is my coolant system enough for all the extra non used power, etc… but that is me. to each there own.

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For more information on the given age ratings, see https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Conan_Exiles#Notes.

Do let me know if I am missing any important/exceptional ones, it might still be missing some game-specific details :wink:

I agree. I love my gaming rig, but man, with my Xbox, I never have to worry about video card and all that jazz.

For example, I played Fallout 4 on my PC, but on console it is so much easier to deal wlth.

It’s a trade off. Consoles are a lot more standardized and less flexible than PCs, but that’s what makes them easier to deal with and more plug and play.

However, PCs can be upgraded and modified to a far greater degree than any console and have a much easier time keeping up with the latest technology. Not to mention keyboard and mouse is a vastly superior interface to a little pad with a small handful of buttons and two thumb joysticks, IMO.

I personally believe that the truth is somewhere in between the points which both yourself and @CrystalGoddess are making. Their gun laws changed in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre, and all automatic and semi-automatic weapons were made illegal (with the exception of defence and law enforcement agencies). People were forced to hand any registered ones in under law, but they were offered compensation. However, opinion on the implementation and success of this policy remains deeply divided. The policy has made it MUCH more difficult for ordinary citizens to own legal firearms. However, one thing which must be pointed out, is that the violence didnt just dissipate with the creation of these laws. Now people just get around stabbing each other with knives instead. It just scaled back gun saturation. Furthermore, these laws did nothing to reduce the rates of gun ownership among criminals (ie- illegal ones), it just made it much more difficult for descent law abiding citizens to own them too, which many people there argue, puts them at the mercy of criminals.

I will raise another point which is relevant to this about Australias current situation, which often horrifies many others, especially those from the US. If a criminal, armed or otherwise breaks into ones home and threatens or harms their family, and you kill or injure the criminal assailant in an act of self-defence; you’d better believe that you will be facing a murder, manslaughter or assault charge for it! There are so many times when the when the innocent home owner will be in way more trouble than the criminal assailant. You must use quote ‘reasonable force’ unquote.

Quite true. For example, their legal drinking age is 18 as opposed to 21. Here is an interesting point regarding the topic of censorship in Australia though. Until 2012 the country had no R18+ rating for games, and anything which fell into that category was either refused classification (ie-outright banned), or companies had to release ‘special’ watered down/censored versions of them.

They can still be refused classification under certain circumstances. But Australia does currently enjoy a completely uncensored version of CE in terms of violence and nudity, while the US version is censored. I guess that sometimes reality is stranger than fiction hey.

There are two sides to this coin. Firstly. Yes there are ‘limits’ to CE as a result of console support. However, there are mods which allow pc players to circumvent these ‘limits’ be they related to content, technical, or otherwise. Second, that console support you speak of also translated into increased sales and publicity for the game, and increased profits and growth for Funcom (which is good!). This will now translate into an increased budget and hence better production values for future titles. You have not been done an injustice. Please remember that two-thirds of the entire gaming community (platform wise, sales I am uncertain) are console players.

Its more ESRB then Sony/MS.
ESRB jumps from Mature to AO

And mature rating is no were near as good as Pegi variant. Its very easy for a game to go from Mature to AO (■■■■) Pegi’s 18 rating allow more then Mature rating of ESRB.

ESRB basically needs update there rating…

Sony is being abit more “censor” happy. But certain regions are getting the nudity and some aren’t. You have something like DMCV, which got lense flares over some body parts in USA. XD

Correct Shadoza. That is what I was implying, and hence why I was sure to put ‘platform wise’ in bracketts, as kind of an acknowlegement that this does not speak for sales. Although in hindsight, perhaps I could have been clearer.

Again correct. People sometimes forget that we all love and play the same game, and we all keep the the games industry afloat.

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