Why would I buy a new expansion when the game is still full of bugs?

A new paid expansion to the game would suggest that the current game is generally stable, but there are still large bugs and issues that are outstanding. I find it difficult to reward a company with more money knowing that the bugs in the new expansion will also never be fixed and that time is taken away from fixing the basic game to create a new expansion. Those that do purchase it are supporting such development.

Will we ever be able to make our Horse run key and our regular run the same? (currently you can not make them the same but they are the same by default… sorry left handers or anyone not using the default run key you lose!

Thralls only work for the person who put them in the bench (anyone else using the bench has to replace the thrall 100% of the time they try to use a bench).

Compost heaps kill fat grubs and putrid meat at the compost heap increased rate (no more fat grubs)

Why does my pet return to the last place it was guarded when I log out of a server instead of guarding right there… sometimes you guard a pet or thrall so you can look for thralls in a camp and move on… 3 hours later you log out and forget to guard your pet and it pops back to some faraway place on the map sometimes never to be found.

And many more (these are just my top annoyances at the moment). I’m all for new expansions but horses have been out a while and we should be able to make the key the same without editing game files on our own and the thralls on benches should be a top priority for a clan based game.

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First time I hear? What do you mean they won’t work?

My compost heap has grubs. They don’t generate as quickly due to the increased spoil rates but they do generate. I don’t usually pick them from the compost heap though, so I guess this is why I have not noticed any issue.

Because you left it in scout mode instead of guard mode?

Have you tried tracing it using the follower’s tab?

This, I have never tried. I can’t comment on.


They are constantly doing bug fixes and overall the game has improved and continues to improve tremendously. I support this game because it is fun and there is simply nothing out there like it. Gritty survival game in a fantasy setting with hands down the best building system out there for ANY survival game.

These certainly do NOT make the game unplayable. In fact I have never experienced thrall bug you mentioned. Have you made a bug report on it?

This is certainly NOT a bug and more of a problem for people with poor memories. In fact this can be a very useful feature for when something drastic happens. I almost always ONLY use “Stand Guard” in my base and it saved one of my best thralls when we recently had some wind storms and lost power for days. Thrall was safely at our base when I was finally able to log back in.

Also if you do happen to forget where a thrall went back to. You can easily locate it on the map using the Follower Management tab and then go there and use the Rescue feature.


Bugs devalue the game indeed, but do not make it unplayable (with exception of xbox users being at least 15 days without being able to play). You can still have a fair share of fun besides everything, and that needs to have some value. Worst case scenario, wait for a sale! Nothing wrong with that.


Posts complaining about bugs (fair), proceeds to include list containing only one bug… noice


I bought it to have the new building model, I dont play Septah. And FYI, I love the new building model. Well worth the price.


Seems like he’s been gone from the game a while. On Ps4 we have the thrall and benches problem not often my wife’s compost pile is full of grubs though she prefers getting them of the ground. I don’t think op has installed PC update or he may have had problems with that to.

Undermeshing by using a chair
Undermeshing by using the bridge
Undermeshing by using a rhino charge
You can go out of the green wall by at least 3 different ways.
Palisades can kill thralls and pets out of raid/pvp time.
You can destroy spiked fences out of raid time by touching/jumping into it.
Ambrosia is healing while mounted (with the new healing changes, it’s not supposed to happen).
Purge spawns inside meshes and bugs.
Sometimes Sandstorm summons without visual effects.
There are still holes you can build inside on the old map that is not undermesh but is not intended.
There are places you can build almost invulnerable vaults.
Sometimes Craft stations produce items instantly.
Explosive jars reseting timer (i think it’s not suppose to happen).
Thrall diet is not showing
Sometimes bows stopping shooting arrows (a long know bug)
T3 Bearers having 10 times more HP than T4 bearer
Theres a way to walk underwater and without the needing to breath.
You can place chests inside foundations.
Some attribute Perks are not working
and much more XD


I mean, it’s generally stable. Sure, it has bugs, but most of them don’t affect the stability of the game for the majority of the players, for the majority of the time. :man_shrugging:

That’s a somewhat fair point. Things are somewhere between the two extreme opinions held dearly on these forums: the “new development means no bug fixing” extreme and the “new development doesn’t affect bug fixing at all” extreme.

But in the end, the decision to support this kind of behavior or not is your own to make. Nobody can really help you make it.

You should be able to, on PC. I’m not sure if it appears in the UI, but you can edit the Input.ini file and change the mapping. Look for the line that starts with ActionMappings=(ActionName="MountSprint". If it’s there, just change the Key= part of it. If not, add the line. For example, if you want to bind the mount sprinting to the Y key, the line would look like this:

I hope that helps.

I’ve never had anything like that happen to me, either on official or on private servers. Can you describe what happens exactly? Also, is this on an official server or on private? If on private, is it with mods? If it’s with mods, have you tried disabling them?

That’s also weird. My compost heap produces fat grubs as long as it has some compost in it. I would have the same questions as before: official or private, mods or not, etc. Also, if it’s a private server, are any of the multipliers different from their default values?

Because Funcom doesn’t teach you these things in-game, so you don’t know how to use them. When you set your mount to “guard” using the radial menu, that’s the place it will end up eventually. When you tell your mount to “stop following” you using the radial menu, it will enter the “scouting” mode. What that really means is that it’ll stay at that location for 30 minutes or so, and then teleport back to the last place it was set to guard.

That’s not a bug, it’s just how things work, but it’s not properly explained in the game, so people have to learn it from somewhere else: e.g. forums, YouTube, or other people on the server.

And honestly, I hope they don’t change it, because it’s extremely useful.


Simple and straight answer… U do not have to… so dont buy it. End of discussion


I believe the thrall thing the OP is referring to is when you got to craft something with a thrall, the flawless versions do not show up unless you take the thrall out and put it back into the crafting slot.

My biggest gripe is that they r trying to call this an expansion when its not at this point. Its an entirely new game. An expansion should deal with the current game and the new map doesnt. They have it set up in game to have a new area north of the frost temple they give us this crap. Im not saying the new map isnt decent or anything. But its a major dissapointment from what what everyone i know was expecting.

ark released every expansion/dlc with a new map and it took them a very long time to open up cross travel. Subnautica released a new expansion that does not allow you to play as the same toon. Not sure why its being singled out as not an expansion. But bug posts are valid funcom has a terrible track record for companies when it comes to polish on any of their games hence why they are all about dead and free to play but this one. With so many people returning and buying this dlc I think funcom really needs to get in gear and polish their maps and really get involved with the good will of their community before most leave again because of all those bugs and bone headed balance updates.

Every time I see the words “New paid expansion” no one adds “In early access”
You paid for the honor of beta testing Siptah.
Stop complaining UNTIL it goes live.
Then give it to FUncom with both barrels.

Simple answer: Because it’s fun anyways

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I personally think waiting untill everything about Siptah settles down may be better. But it is personal preferance.

simple Question - simple answer: it’s unique game - I didn´t find a better one for me till now - despite the bugs. And it´s absolute worth it´s money - punctum.


Not hardly, AoC is a better more fun, less bugs game.

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Insert Tortage music and memories.

I see alot of people backseat coaching with similar lines. Most people don’t grasp the idea of game development.
You need to make revenue to keep the game development going.
You need to make content to make revenue.
You can’t fix bugs 24/7 when you have to make content, so bug fixing is made based on a priority list.
Here’s the last one:

They are actively working on an anti-undermesh system. Why are you even posting this?

These have been reported, and are on a to-do list. They just aren’t a priority right now, with everything that’s going on -> BIG HINT: Isle of Siptah.
Also, my 3000+ hours in the game tells me these are not important.

Your post title says ‘game full of bugs’ yet you type a wall of text about your top annoyances at the moment which are horse run key and how you dislike your guard resturning to its guarding post.
Your feedback is appreciated, but please change your post title.

Best regards.

OK. they have been working against undermeshing now, but that has been a problem for years.
But bugs like the ones below completely break the gameplay:

*** You can go out of the green wall by at least 3 different ways.
*** Ambrosia is healing while mounted (with the new healing changes, it’s not supposed to happen).
*** There are still holes you can build inside on the old map that is not undermesh but is not intended.
*** There are places you can build almost invulnerable vaults.
*** Sometimes Craft stations produce items instantly.
*** Theres a way to walk underwater and without the needing to breath.
*** You can place chests inside foundations.
*** Some attribute Perks are not working

And there are many other bugs besides those that I reported.
Some are to be expected because it is a sandbox game.
For example item dupes, undermeshing and the like.
But other bugs that are relatively simple to solve and that last for months, like the thralls’ food stack that made them one punch man, have no excuse.

But still my biggest fight with funcom is about the difficulty they have in balancing pvp.
And it’s not even that difficult. I already made a mod with changes that left the game well balanced before this update of the healing system.
it just seems to me that they don’t play the game itself.