Can someone please explain this to me? Thank you

Hello there guys… The game is full of bugs (prior to the new DLC aka new game).

Conan has a crap ton of bugs… I am going to mention a few of them below…

How the hell do they release this DLC before fixing some major issues with the game?
Like, wow, who is the responsible decision maker that needs a replacement?

A few of bugs I know of:
1)If your elevator is down, and another player arrives at the scene from far away, it will be up for that person. So now the elevator doesn’t work for you. I think this happens if the elevator has been down for a few minutes and someone arrives… Dsync?

  1. If I kill an animal, it will fall dead in a different spot for all players. Thats why you see your friends skinning the empty floor sometimes.

  2. You often get stuck inside of your horse, and your thrall… and sometimes u die and loose your loot because of it.

  3. Thralls get stuck inside the ground, and inside the walls… Some times you will permanently loose your thrall for life when this happens.

5)all animals and mobs get stuck inside the floor.

  1. Some hits won’t register accurately to every player in a PVP, and sometimes you will get hit with out seeing the hit animation.

7)Sometimes you will go into a dungeon, and then you get stuck inside because you can’t leave unless you log out, leaving you prone to dying and loosing your loot.

I just don’t get how so many bugs (the list is much bigger than the ones above) they just release a new DLC that introduces more bugs on top of the old ones.

I need to go get vaccinated now.

I had saying nice things about siptah, but we just played to 60, with none of that. Not even the elevators.

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