Why would I buy a new expansion when the game is still full of bugs?

OK. they have been working against undermeshing now, but that has been a problem for years.
But bugs like the ones below completely break the gameplay:

*** You can go out of the green wall by at least 3 different ways.
*** Ambrosia is healing while mounted (with the new healing changes, it’s not supposed to happen).
*** There are still holes you can build inside on the old map that is not undermesh but is not intended.
*** There are places you can build almost invulnerable vaults.
*** Sometimes Craft stations produce items instantly.
*** Theres a way to walk underwater and without the needing to breath.
*** You can place chests inside foundations.
*** Some attribute Perks are not working

And there are many other bugs besides those that I reported.
Some are to be expected because it is a sandbox game.
For example item dupes, undermeshing and the like.
But other bugs that are relatively simple to solve and that last for months, like the thralls’ food stack that made them one punch man, have no excuse.

But still my biggest fight with funcom is about the difficulty they have in balancing pvp.
And it’s not even that difficult. I already made a mod with changes that left the game well balanced before this update of the healing system.
it just seems to me that they don’t play the game itself.

At some point “its not a priority right now” becomes the same as “i won’t fix that, sorry”, if it doesn’t happen within 5 or 10 years.

Why do we still see rhinos flying?

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My question would be:

Why would I buy the expansion if it is not a real expansion but a separate game and forces me to decide if I want to play the old or the new map only?

An expansion is something that expand the existing, not replaces it.

Unti lknow I have bought all DLC available for the game, this is the first one I will most likely ignore.

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I agree with your views on expansions being something that should add more value to what we already have. That said, it doesn’t mean that it has to be like that, or that it FC is wrong by doing what they did.

You should buy the next Isle of Siptah if you want a new gamemode, which is this basically is, a different game mode, with a new set of rules. Not enough to be a new game, too separate to be the same. If thats not interesting for you, understandable, and you are better off saving your money

With more than 100 hours into Isle of Siptah, I can tell you that you’re missing out on great content.
The maelstrom, the surges, the vaults, stormglass and flotsam building sets are all amazing new experiences and a 19.99 euro price tag doesn’t do it justice in my opinion.

Because no game is free of bugs and CE has none that breaks the game.
Sure there some issues and tweeks needed here and there but so far the game expansion is very fun and will give you tons of hours of gameplay, new and beautiful building pieces for t1 and t3, armor sets among other things. Even if you don’t play in the isle of siptah, there’s enough value in this expansion for the price tag.

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