Wiki for console?

Does anyone know if there’s a wiki or gamepedia or manual for the xbox1 version of Conan? I notice that a lot of the content on the official gamepedia is for pc and inaccurate to the console version of the game and the Firespark videos are crud for pvp players, that guy wouldn’t last a day on an official pvp server

Are you referring to thrall damage and health? Because soon the consoles will get the parity patch to make that all apply. Otherwise, the wiki is pretty agnostic to what version you are playing. If there’s an error there for console, it’s likely wrong for pc as well as the wiki is fan maintained.

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Firespark doenst even play the game “normal”. He tests things out and shows the details of some stuff (like dmg, armor value, etc), but not how you should play the game.

Many streamers do that and for normal PvE playstyle thats more than enough. Not everyone is a fan of a bugfestival PvP game :smiley:

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