Will a TestLive private server have to be wiped on May 8th.. or?


We have a private server setup running TestLive. Will we be able to just rollover into the real map on May8th, carrying through work done on out Testlive, or will we have to wipe and start over in oder to move to the live game/maps on May 8th??


Assuming that anything on testlive goes straight to live on Day One, no wipe is needed. Any wipes on a private server are at your own discretion.


Understood… this is more about how the transition will take place… IE right now the server is a TestLive… what happens and or, what are our options when the full release is made?


Well, if today is any example right after the patch hit the only servers I saw on Live were people’s Testlive servers, so I think no real adjustment is needed.


It depends on what is held back pre launch. If we don’t get the new biomes on testlive then yeah it would be safe to say you should wipe.


Maybe another way to ask it is, can our server be migrated to the full release and away from the testlive platform on May 8th?

thanx for the responses…


Presently the Live and Testlive builds are the same. As for Private servers, it is up to the owner/admin if there is a wipe on May 8th.


Thank you for trying to answer

no one seems to be able to understand my question.

Our small group of friends, from all over the rock, have played together on a server one in our group hosts. We have started back up now that releaseis close and have loaded the Testlive server software

** If the loads are the same, why did we have to download different software to run the testlive when we could have just stayed with the std client… .but anwho

The question still has not been answered.

WIll our testlive setup be able to be rolled overinto the relase on May 8th, or will we have to restart as the testlive server is NOT the release that will be out on May 8th that others will be downloading and playing.

I realize we are not being forced to do a server wipe, but that isn’t the question. Will our Testlive Server have to be shut down and a std server be started up to go live on the 8th with the right sw, thereby losing the work we have done in the game?

If we were on a standard server, we would not have a question, we’d just carry on with ourxp and skills sets intact, but we aren’t we have put on a testlive server… I hope this makes the question clear enough for someone to answer it…

Furthermore, Funcom seems very keen on people coming to this resource, so I am a bit anticipatinf being able to get an authorative answer.


Both builds use the same game.db file. The difference is that the Testlive is a newer build than the Live build. Those of us playing on Testlive got several 1 - 2 gb updates and everyone else got one large update when they moved the live game to Update 33.

This is my guess: we will most likely see some updates to the Testlive build, but nothing related to the new biomes as they test bug fixes that we will see with the May 8th release.