Will I lose my bazaar items when I'll buy Conan Exiles again?

Hi to all of you.
I will have a chance to change living country in near future (now I living in Eastern Europe). My Conan Exiles copy purchased under regional price for PC (Steam). IDK how it must be working now, but if I will have to remove and buy the game again by the local price (according to Steam rules due to change of country of residence), so am I’ll lost my bazaar purshaces by this process, or all of them will assigned to my steam account? If you know similar situations or what am I must to do - help me please. Thanks for the answers.


I think it will follow your funcomid so if that stays the same, they would follow but I would submit a zendesk question about help with purchases:


They can give you an official answer. All of us would be speculating.


I contacted support and they confirmed that all purchases will be assigned to my account! (Steam, in my case)

Thanks everyone for the replies!

You will not have to remove the game. Log in and play as normal in the new country.

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This is what I was wondering, too. Changing one’s country of residence shouldn’t invalidate the purchases one makes, unless the product is banned in some countries, I guess. Available payment methods (such as for buying Crom Coins or DLCs) will be dependent on where you’re residing, but those affect only future purchases, not ones you’ve already bought.


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