Will limiting item storage improve a private server's performance?

I was just wondering if storing items causes lag. For example, say if I have 100 vaults full of stone would it put more strain on a server than 100 empty vaults? The reason I ask this because a server I have played on is now enforcing item storage limits to reduce lag but just want to hear feedback from others if that is even going to help a server’s performance or is it just unnecessary.

It might improve load times, but based on having had a private G-Portal server and two private servers on personal machines using SteamCMD, I’ve never seen the amount of storage or building affect lag/stutter one way or another. In fact, I’ve seen lag on empty servers just coming off the cross in single and multi play.
That’s not to say the same results would be found everywhere. This game apparently doesn’t run the same across all platforms and equipment and people get differing results. I.E. some people have a lot of problems and some have very few. I can only assume that the game may not be well optimized across all equipment and no solutions have been discovered that I’m aware of. I bought the game in early access.
It’s anyone’s guess what the results will be on the server that you play on.

Leave that server now and save yourself grief in the future. Admin making irrational decisions based on what facts?

Depends how its handled.
In CE its load as you show up to area and look in. Not sure if its like FO76 were its there at load in, and they blast out escuse they can’t increase it do to issues. XD

They may not be doing it just for the storage issue, but the multiple vaults all over. And from my experiences, lag happens when it has to load visual assets more than anything. thralls in NPC camps. so if Admin want less vaults strewn across server, that is their choice. I personally have thought to do the same on my server, but more from a stop hoarding and overpowering new clans thru battle of resource attrition.

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