Will old planned features still happen?

Hello all!

I saw this video from another thread:

I was just curious if we know if any of these are coming to the game at any time?
They mention sorcery, more alive settlements, siege mounts, horseback fighting etc.

Since i saw a moderator in the other post say “things can change between pre-launch and launch.”

All i am wondering here is if these things are all scrapped for all eternety or they just can’t be done right now?
I don’t care if they aren’t even being worked on right now i just want to know if they are ever going to happen.


Nope, all of that is most definitely scrapped. You can be sure if it wasn’t they’d tell us about it.

Don’t crush my dreams!
I won’t stop hoping until a dev tells me they aren’t happening haha!

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Well sorry man, I’d love to be wrong, but nothing indicates they are going to re-visit any of those features. You’re probably going to wait a long time for official “final word” on that, because it’s not in their interest to ever completely close the door on the hopeful. They were very careful to write politicians’ answers to all of this back when they first scrapped the planned features.


Don’t count on mounts, as it would require them to remake the entire map to accommodate loading problems. Sorcery is still being worked on though, and hopefully an actual Settlement system.

From what i understand from what random people have said it’s an issue where it can’t render stuff fast enough?
Wouldn’t that be solves if the war/siege mount was just really slow lol?

A later stream announced there would be no mounts and sorcery

After viewing this video I almost started to cry.

Seems this is the case more than I anticipated.

Here a short list of what is in the video:

  • Catapult dead bodies, spreading decease, Siege towers (customisable)
  • God bubbles --> implemented
  • Purge --> implemented, I guess :slight_smile:
  • NPC’s riding in Purge
  • Mounts
  • Mounted combat
  • Taking control of enemy cities ??
  • Pet system (knock them out) --> will be implemented
  • Settlement system with full control of thralls ??
  • Assign tasks to Thralls, open Gates, blow Horn, light the Lights around base ??
  • Patrolling guards ??
  • Thrall scheduling ??
  • Roads ??
  • Sorcery ??
  • Necromancy ??
  • Shapeshifting ??
  • Skeletal Thralls ??
  • Highlands --> implemented

Coming very soon (back then)

  • Dye system --> implemented
  • Siege weapon Trebuchet --> implemented

Further outlook (back then):

  • Dungeons --> implemented
  • Torches burning underwater --> I do not know if there is any??
  • Drowning enemies ??

I personally can live without Mounts and do not care that much about sorcery but I would definately have a look.

What really gave me watery eyes was the talk about the settlement system and how thralls will be managable, walking around and you can assign them.
Also taking control over enemy cities (ok to be fair that could be a player base for all we know) sounded nice.

This really re-opened some scars.


Yeah agreed, i would take the settlement system over all the other stuff.
It would add so much life to the game!


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