Will server transfer allow to restrict it only between specific private servers?

Will the server transfer be possible to restrict for server owners to only allow characters from specific other (private) servers?
It is a very likely scenario to want to allow transfer between a Siptah and Exiled Lands map server of the same community, but not wanting to allow transfers from other servers (as that would allow people to just admin cheat anything they want in their own server then transfer to yours).
So can someone confirm server whitelisting is possible? Otherwise the feature would essentially be not usable for private servers.

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We don’t know much of anything yet. We’re waiting for the ‘official announcement’ on server transfers that’s “coming soon.” Maybe we’ll know something on Tuesday (that seems the be the usual day for announcements).

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according to the announcement of funcom it will be possible to go from official to official and official to unofficial. My question is easy: can it go from unofficial to official? I would like it to be announced soon because I have a server and if it cannot be done in both directions, I will surely close it.

Official PVP → Official PVEC → Official PVE → Unofficial

already answered: it is a one-way road

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No idea regarding private server transfers between other private server transfers. I will assume, there will be some kind of mechanism to allow / disallow servers to link up. Otherwise, we have no idea at this point. It will be announced probably at the end of the month the initial workings of the server transfers. I note it as initial since I am sure it will be re-worked/refined over time to work better with players’ responses / feedback when its operational.

I honestly think that funcom has no idea what the players really want with the transfer. And I think that what people want is not a one-way trip but a round trip. an interaction with both maps

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not how i understood it.

you can move among the same level servers , PVP with PVP , PVE with PVE, PVEc with PVE, whaty you caant do is to move from PVE to PVP, or from unnoficial to ANY official server, but you will be able to move from pve to unnoficial (no coming back)

PVP server can move to other server types, but from those other server types you cant get back to PVP, so if you want to play in pvp, you must not move to another server type, if you do, you will never be able to go back to PVP.
PVE_C can only move to PVE_c, to PVE, or unnoficial, once on PVE, you cant move to PVE-C but you will be able to move to other PVE servers or unnoficial, if in unnoficial you will be able to move to unnoficial servers only , and only possible if the private servers allows it.

related to the question it is the right answer

everything else simply doesn’t make sense and when i read through the forum here then the majority is rather for more restrictions than less. to me it looks like you are relatively alone with your request. easy unofficial resource grinding and transfer to official servers… no way

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I think it was explained to me wrong or it was not understood. When I refer to back and forth, it is clear that it would be between official servers in exile to siptah and vice versa, not from private to official because it would be cheating, but from official to official back and forth is what is requested.
What seems surreal to me, is how they are posing it, a one-way trip when the servers are almost empty or empty. The logical thing would be to allow the transfer between different types of map and pvp servers (always talking about officials or only between non-officials) without limitations and of course in both directions

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it’s exactly the same problem, regardless of official or unofficial: easy and safe pve resource grinding and transfering to a pvp server => absolute no way. i don’t know of any game that allows this. not even games that charge money for a server transfer allow it


I do not explain myself well or you do not want to see it more clearly that this cannot be:
pve to pve, never pvp
pvp to pvp, never pve
including the two maps in both cases and in both directions
Is it understood now or do I have to draw a picture?
the approach that exists right now is not convincing. the idea was to join the maps and be able to interact with both mapsin both directions. always making clear official with official and private with private

your initial question and the answer is no, you can’t transfer from an unoffical to an official server, no matter what type of servers (pvp, pve-c or pve) or map we talk about

and that’s a complete different story and the answer is yes, within the other restrictions

you can always transfer from map A to map B and back to map A also long as it does not violate the other restrictions

the map on the source or the destination server is never restricted. as far as we know we have only restrictions on the server type - official vs. unofficial and pvp vs. pve-c vs. pve

edit: the server type restriction is currently only announced for official servers and not for the unofficial servers

Official PVP → Official PVEC → Official PVE → Unofficial

from the announcement. no separation of unofficial server into the server types pvp, pve-c and pve

when i look at the current information, i am more concerned about whether the following scenario is possible:

private server(s); server transfer allowed, but restricted to private servers defined by me; server transfer forbidden for all other servers, especially official servers

if this is not possible the feature is not really usable for private servers to offer multiple maps to a community. i don’t want to allow everyone to transfer to my servers just because i have to enable the feature to connect 2 maps

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There is no harm for a pvp user to come to a pve server. In fact we welcome pvp server users all the time (usually people that had bad experience with the toxicity found in some pvp servers)

What you can’t do is to move from a pve to anything else that is not straight pve or the one way into unnoficials


palm I don’t mean that if a pvp player wants to play a pve he cannot leave, I mean that a pve player raids a server and then hides in a pve to avoid being robbed. and if I have not misread everything that has been put, it is that you can only go in one direction and you can not return to the exit server
and not only that once you move you lose everything you leave on the outgoing server

you can in practice go from a pvp server to :

any server type including pvp , pve and pve-c and unnoficials,. but you cant go from a pve-c or a pve or unnoficial back to pvp official server

pve-c can go to any pve-c server or pve or unnoficial but you cant go from pve or unnoficial back to PVE-C.

PVE can go to any pve server and unnoficials, but cant go to either pve-c or pvp server types.

unnoficial can only move to unnoficial servers (depending on the server owner, they can allow or not people from other server, or other server types if so desire. but you cant go to officials once you arrive there (even if coming from official servers.

Has anyone tried testing it in on Testlive? It’s all conjecture until you do.

that was my question palm because I have only been able to read that it was only in one direction. I have not seen anywhere that you go from server A to server B, and when you get what you want to go back to server A. On the contrary, I have tried it in testlive and when doing so, first it only lets you go to unofficial and it warns you that you will lose everything on that server

I am on an official server and in that image you can see it, there is NO turning back.sorry palm522 in practice you can not and with this image it is demonstrated

it is clear that once you go to an unofficial there is no turning back. in the testlive I have tested it with all the servers in the US and the USA and with pvp I know from the only unofficial one.

I think the best they could do is to LINK 2 servers for example pvp exiled and siptah pvp, pve exiled and siptah pve. Just link 2 servers instead of this exploitable server transfers…


you can be but funcom sells that now you can transfer characters but it really has no real utility (right now), this shows that at this time there is no real interaction between the two maps. You cannot play in one and go to another do the lore and then return to your base in the other.which I think is what the vast majority of players want and expect. Nor go to other servers with players and do pvp, there are many other games where players move between servers to do pvp and then return to their servers with the loot. and EYE I always mean between official servers.
sorry for those who maintain that bidirectional because this shows that IT IS NOT


yes in order to move from a to b you neeed to have your character deleted, if not who will stop me to move from server A, to server B, and from server A (with the same items) to server C, and so on? effectively duping everything in my inventory.

they neeed to find a way to hold into buildings while you move around to do stuff, and come back to “home server” which is going to be complicated for players that has no clans, if you have a clan then there is no problem, you transfer leadership move to another server do your stuff and come back to get reinvited and rank given back.