Will the Crevice in the north always be buildable

Will the crevice cave and area in the north be used for future stuff or will it always be buildable? I ask because I would like to build in there, but afraid it will be patched and lose my stuff. In the preview, hidden bases were all closed after a period of time.

It’s a fairly large area I’m not sure why they would block it off…especially since it was designed as a big cave/tunnel. It’s not like a small gap between terrain pieces that you get into that shouldn’t be there.

I’d think your safe, but…

Fun I’m has been known to restrict building in places without warning. Hey also seal off certain areas that used to be accessible by climbing. I can see the reason for fixing places that can be exploited into, but if there is a spot you can crawl or climb into, it should stay. Added defence in trade for difficulty of entering it.

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