Will there be one-time server transfers for player characters?

Getting really tired of Star Citizen’s server wipes, so I figured I’d start up Conan Exiles again.

I heard though that there will be a new map next year.

Will one be able to remove one’s character bracelet via story quest as a one-time-only opportunity to move the character to a new map with a few keep-sakes?

Cuz i’m wondering whether I should hold off on CE until the new map comes out, or whether it’s worthwhile to play now?

It can be argued that survival itself should be gratifying enough to play CE, but the wastelanders expansion coming out for F76, and with ARK:Genesis coming Feb 27th, I need to weigh my “time expenditure” options.

It takes half a year effort to collect all the armorers in CE on official servers, therefore I need to know if they will be transferable to the new map or not :slight_smile:

There is currently no news on the details of the new map, whether its attached to the existing map or will be an alternative map. Your question raises an interesting point if it is a replacement map. A replacement map would need additional servers added to handle the new player load as Funcom has stated they are not resetting official servers (subject to change?).

Of relevance to your post is

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