Will there ever be DLC?

I literally beat this game in around 2 weeks, will there ever be any DLC to expand the map? I would love to keep playing and I would buy DLC for this game!

There are some critical unanswered questions when the game ends.

Why did the Elder keep everything a secret? Was he ashamed? Afraid that his mutants might be captured and killed, or worse, returned to being nothing more than research subjects? Who is making radio calls to the base? What happens when Bormin presses a button and says, “Hello?” What other settlements are out there, and how are the residents faring? Are there other mutants? When Dux and Farrow get married, what do the kids look like? (Okay, maybe not that last one, but still - you get the idea.)

It honestly feels like there was so much more planned, but someone high up said, “We only budgeted this much money, you gotta wrap it up, sorry guys.” I want answers, I’ll gladly pay for those answers. I’d love for the MYZ team to reassemble and either do DLC or a full-blown sequel. Either one would thrill me and be an instant buy.

I love this game, the mechanics, the graphics, the history… but I completed its hard mode in only 16h…
It feels an uncompleted game half way to what it should be.

Quite a bitter experience for its price.

I’m a bit late to the party here, but the official story right now is that nothing’s been announced.

There is, however, a free update coming very soon – Stalker Trials – and if we have something to announce we’ll make sure to announce it on social media and the forums :slight_smile: