Will we ever gonna have another chance to unlock royal armor & atlantean sword? (as a small dlc perhaps?)

^This. The preorder and hard copy buyers get them as their reward of course, but for us who joined in after the “offcial release”, will we get a chance to get them in the future as paid dlc?

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yes, especially for those who stuck through the whole early access and couldn’t make it for the day 1 edition, at least sell us the sword com’on! pritti plis

I got the CE and cannot even use my sword,as when you get the code for it you have to recreate your character to even use it,so,I hope they change this issue…

I’ve got both, I played EA and I bought a physical copy for my GF. So I was able to get both. Its unfair, but there is a reason we get extras some don’t. It cost me double and I had to buy the game when it was a risk.

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