Wing 3 craft on Crom

Hello. I got my mats for quill of ibis on my DT crom server. Wondering if anyone would be free soon to help craft it. Or if a kind soul would trade me a crafted quill for my mats and some gold. I only got about 120 gold on crom though. Anyone?? Anyone?? :smiley:

Msg me here if you can help.


Can you craft it yourself? Or have someone that can? The craft itself is really easy so just gather random 24 ppl by Searching in global chat

You should probably just buy one off the market, crom usually has a few listed.

Nope I don’t have recipe.

I don’t have 700 gold or I would.

This is when being in a guild is helpful.

as suggested above, join a guild. your issue is not to do the fight, you will fill the raid within minutes on EU primetime. you just need to find someone you trust to do the actual craft.

Usually W3 Craft raids fill fast. It’s quite easy, but as Mori mentioned, you need someone you trust, who crafts for you, as you have to give him all the mats before the fight. Or you run left wing till recipe drops and do it yourself :slight_smile:

will help if you do it on EU time and not while i’m busy with another raid :slight_smile: