Silk crafting speed is SLOW

It is easy to farm a lot of gossamer near spider boss in desert, however, 1 silk takes 10 SECONDS to craft from my inventory.

This time should be maximum 2 seconds and I should be able to make silk from armorer’s bench like we can make twine there automatically and much faster/cheaper than in inventory.

Currently crafting 2k silk, which means 5.5 HOURS.


What do you use all that silk for?

  • Different light armor for few people, then giving it to your enemies (if you know what I mean :smiley: )
  • Decorations
  • Bows

Oh, gotcha. Thanks. I haven’t really checked out the decorations. I should do that.
I also have thousands and it really does take a long time to craft. Using a pick on gossamer, we can get thousands so easily…

Being able to craft it on the armorer’s bench would be great.

Yes, especially decorations. Banners, tents cost a lot.

Someone told me you can craft it and go offline. So you can do it during night. So far works, however, it diffidently should be improved.

That seems like it would work on official and other dedicated servers. I play single player so if I go offline, it starts where it left off next time I sign on. Same for breaking thralls and everything else.

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Why solo. It will be hard to do certain things like killing big dragon

Not even in the slightest. :wink:
You should check out some of the threads where we’re talking about how the bosses are pathetically weak.

I’ve already killed every boss with default settings. They have a lot of HP but they’re easy. Like I read someone else say once, they’re just walking resource nodes.

But I play solo because of the huge number of problems with online play, including griefing, cheating and exploiting bugs and glitches, and despite the fact that I try to help a lot of people on these forums, I really don’t like people much. It’s strange. I’d like to play with a few people, but not many.

You always can find a small community/clan to join which will fit your goals/culture and you can’t avoid global society as it is, eventually. Just surround yourself with like-minded and smarter people.

We don’t have any problems on official server in a small clan.

Perhaps I’ll do that some day.

yep correct.
it’s always the way i deal with this VERY slow crafting time for silk.
I have recently equiped 30 archers with derketho outfits and geez that was long !!!


Never say to yourself “maybe”, “perhaps”, “some day”, it means never. Always be specific and set small goals.

Also why delay anything when you can do something now. Life is too short and unknown.


i could not agree more.

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Zamoran armored army of nice looking NPC ladies for sure. :smiley:
Just kidding but still it would be waaay better to use that neat legendary armorer for soemthing usefull… like let her make all the silkjob too.

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I think just like how twine can be crafted on an armored bench (benefitting from a thralls bonus production speed) silk should also be added if not to the armored bench then another more appropriate crafting station.

I have problems in official. Not in finding friends to tribe-up with but in the absolute disrespect of other players. They haven’t realized that if you play PvP with the mindset to destroy everything that another player has done/built/created, therefore making it no fun whatsoever, eventually you’ll have no one to play with. And it seems the majority of players have this mindset. Of course this is my own personal experience and I e been on 7 different servers since PS4 launch.

idont se the problem, its not you have to stand still and wait…

It’s just a nuisance, not a big deal.

You can’t craft two things from your inventory simultaneously and crafting thousands of silk takes a very long time. We can cancel the silk, craft something else and then start the silk again as a work around.

It would make more sense to be able to craft this material on the armorer’s bench.


Yes atleast now when the weeb is so common and easy to farm, was abit diferent before when you had to farm spiders that was werry dangerus even for lv 60 players. To get the thrall bonus.