Silk production to the armourers bench

As the title suggests, Allow gossamer to be turned into silk in the armourers bench, like twine.

Right now silk can only be made in the inventory and is rather slow to make. It means that if you want to convert a few stacks of gossamer, you cant make anything else for the next 15 minutes.


Seems like a reasonable request.


yes please…

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Yes please!

I was going to post my own thread about this, but I think it’s better if I bump this one, as I think it’d more easily seen!

As I had to convert a bunch of silk in order to be able to make armor which left me unable to craft anything else for at least half in-game day.

It makes no sense that we can turn fiber to twine in the bench now, but gossamer to silk is still by hand. Leave the option to make it by hand (same as twine) but add the recipe to the bench too, please! :pray:

Also you can make Layered Silk in the Improved Armorer’s Bence… why no Silk in the normal? :thinking:

Thanks :slight_smile:


When I gather gossamer, I get nearly 100 stacks at a time. This takes an incredibly long time to convert to silk…
Being able to make it on the armorer’s bench would be quite welcome.

Off-topic but Numbing Wraps should use silk, not thick leather.


I’m all for this. Converting gossamer to silk is such a chore, especially since if you want to craft something else you have to wait ages for it to finish.