Winter Event 2018

Is there any info anywhere about the Winter Event mentioned in the launcher?

Talks to leets located in Old Athen, Borealis, ICC and one of the omni cities (not sure which one)

Omni Trade near the grid term

will we get a free week for this event? any news on that?

There’s a new mission available from Santaleet as well: ask him about naughty kids :blush:


I just logged one of my frozen account on :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delay! Winter Event 2018: Free Login Week & More!

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Here’s a likely problem. Token boards upgraded during the free week are upgrading to the paid version. After the week either the characters get locked or the boards fall off, or best case just can not requip the board after.

That happened afaik after the patch even before the free week started.
Lets hope its meant that way and they just dont want to handle 2 different boards in the future :star_struck:

Anyone know if all the new social can drop from opening the Christmas gifts? Except the nodrop actual armor the mobs in the Naughty Kids mission sometimes drop?

For example I have not seen the Winter Tights yet. Found festive shirt, buckle boots, elf hat and woolen p.j.'s so far.


Yes that’s how you get them. The armor and weapons is only from the Dust Brigade. =.= But the QL of what drops for you is exactly your lvl and is NODROP, great for a lower lvl alt but just wasted inventory space for the one looting it.

got this issue as well (scared)

Well, OK, but used to be you could buy a blank board at a machine. If that’s still the case you should be able to just handle it that way once the event is over, no?

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Yes you can buy token boards still. That is part of changing factions.

you can buy new tokenboards, however they have zero tokens in them.
or you can get banned for exploiting the game because froobs usually cannot equip ‘paid only’ stuff.

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