What we want to know about the New Winter Event 2019

New things are coming for AoC, that is awesome! I love that!

But of course there is a but (remember THE VANAHEIM SITUATION): What exactly does “launching” mean?
For everyone to be played for free?
For subs to be played for free, for f2players to be bought?
IS the event even an event or is it just a new log in calendar? In other words: What exactly does “event” and “featuring” mean?

Maybe something like the Halloween quests but new content and map? New is good, new is right, new works :grinning:

I suspect the same as with the Saga of Blood reveal.

We will get new daily rewards tab and day after day we will be revealing something “new” written on the background of that tab.

PS: they said using models from Exiles is no-go and yet we will now get Silent Legion armor. Maybe we will get more goodies from Exiles?

A new rf vanaheim related, a new mini map vana-related, a new quest map zone vana-related
Too much :smile:?

if I have understood well cape and mammut will be in the new daily reward as happened to the spider during the period pvp pre-saga and this is the event. Armor and horse will most likely be in new pay boxes at the shop. Hoard is name of pay box at shop.

The event is no game. Its doing dalies. It degenarates to the difficulty of a mobile game. Plus damn you for loot boxes. If you think gambling is enjoyable make a casino game. Set a fair price for cosmetic items in shop as in the past but dont force people to waste money on useless sht since there is only 1-2 items that are nice and desireable and rest is trash. Or even better if you make a nice armor give it stats and a way to earn it by PLAYING instead of paying. 0/10 for this so called event for me.

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“And after that…well, you’ll just have to wait and see”

These words made me suppose there is something other than daily cloak mount and hoard, maybe another saga announcement who knows

I wouldnt mind another saga, but I wish that they made all Khitai armor tiers as vanity sets for it. Would be something to look forward to if i were to make a Barb or BS

I’m praying for a new raid and/or content, not another saga. Please, something new to do!

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Will there be a subscription offer with this event?

You realize that the free stuff we get for “X” days of subscription replaced subscription offers and we will probably never see any additional offerings past that? I’m not sure why people keep asking for sub offers when it was made clear that these free claims were the replacement.

I think it would be nice to see sub sale once in a while, would help the game a lot for sure.

Sub with FC points like the saga thing would be nice too. Even just a sub without the extras :grinning:

I dont even understabd what you meant. Lol

No worries, but I will try to clarify. Saga has the Headhunter Collection that includes 2 month membership plus 2 buddy keys for 15 days membership. Added a big bag, a special horse, pvp starter kit. You can buy for 1800 FC points. I would like to buy a sub with FC points, instead of a credit card or paypal if they can offer this package including a membership, surely it could be possible to buy a month sub, or 3 months with FC points through the in game store- just the membership without the other items. Hope thats a better explanation. :grinning:

Ah yes, that sounded much more understandable.

i dunno. maybe this would be a good choice for purchase. Considering that Funcom is rapidly coming back to life this year, i think a lot of changes might be coming. and i sincerely hope so as well…

I understood that the free stuuf for “x” days / rewards were a replacement for veteran tokens and kind of for the fc points you got as a sub. If you do the math it even was not a real discount.

But yes, it was made clear that there will be no more special subscription offers. Cancelled like the 3 and 6 month subscriptions, because…yeah…because they do not want people to subscribe???