[Wiped 9/19] BLG RP/PVP - Factions & Territories System

BLG RP/PVP Factions & Territories System

Server IP:
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/htgg5dE
Territory Map: https://imgur.com/a/01FXJmC

Simple Rules:

  • Factions/Territories are player run. Who will run them and how… that is up to you. (4 factions are lore based: Nordheim, Cimmerian, Pictish, and Protectorate)
  • If you claim a faction and build in its territory your base cannot be foundation wiped/demolished, only raided.
  • 24/7 PVP
  • Base Raiding during US primetime hours
  • Active admins run by 5 year old adult gaming group. No BS just Fun.

Mod List: Pippi, Swift Elevator, Emberlight, Unlock Plus, Speech bubbles, Savage Steel, RP Aesthetics, & Glass Constructions