Witch Queen Dungeon still broken

As of latest hotfix, the Witch Queen dungeon remains non-functional.

  1. Thrall is unable to follow inside - if ordered to move, prompts state ‘ordered follower to move’ and ‘follower cannot reach location’ - if ordered to return, prompts state ‘ordered to return’, but they still fail to show up.

  2. Statues animate, but are unable to leave their platform or attack. They just stand there while you kill them. (Also the second statue is still being shy (see picture 1 below).)

  3. Witch Queen comes down from throne, attacks once and then stops attacking. She makes no effort to fight back as you kill her.

Steps to reproduce -
Have thrall follow. Go to Palace of the Witch Queen. Enter - thrall will not follow (commands don’t appear to make a difference). Destroy statues, kill witch queen (giving each time to move around - statues won’t move, witch queen will only attack with an initial combo, then goes passive). Exit dungeon, climb steps facing, fight Grey Ape (to your left as you come up steps). Thrall reappears during or immediately after that fight.

Picture 1 - bashful statue

Picture 2 - statue not fighting back or moving off pedestal

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