With the 3.0 update, will I be able to still enjoy the game and the "seasons" and what not as a solo?

I have been looking for an answer about this for some time now and unable to find one. I am sorry if I missed it. I also realize I’m probably kind of an oddity as probably the amount of solo player is quite low.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I enjoy laying this game, after over 1,400 hours spent on it. But I’m afraid of being locked out of some of the new content because of those 1,400, only 1 was played in MP to help years ago during the early access.

Apparently 3.0 will change a massive amount of things. What worries me is the switch from dlc to this battlepass system.

In principle I’m not against it. (I actually literally said on this very forum that it was coming, just years ago so I was way too early, and wrong on the fact that they would make it free to play. )

But I have nothing against the new system.

My only worry is, what about solo players? What about the things that can be unlocked on official servers or any multiplayer also unlock when you are playing solo? I’ve bought all the DlCs until now and don’t regret it. But being unable to get new cosmetics worries me. So, have they specified it but I missed it? Do the people who played 3.0 on test live know anything about it?

They have stated that it’s all intended to be achievable regardless of your server choice or play style, so if that’s true you should have no worries.

By solo do you mean single player, or playing alone (no clan) on a multiplayer server?


Thank you so much!

I mean single player. Being able to fear no pvp nor anything I did disappearing and spend months building a city or coming back to it months later


The challenges for the season pass are able to be completed in singleplayer, as well as private servers.


So the person seems to be asking about the game on the PC. Not on console. Or I’m wrong, then excuse me.

Yes I was asking for PC. I have no idea on console. But except if the update doesn’t come out on console, I guess it would be weird to have a different system on consoles. It is far more difficult to mod on consoles (I don’t even know if there are nods on consoles)

But I don’t know. Just guessing here.

There are not.

It calms my nerves

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