Workaround for the Event Log issues

When I had heard the event log had reverted to not showing player names for theft or destruction, I was overjoyed. The event log system is one of the worst implementations made in CE since it was in early access.

For those of you reporting this post, this is satire. Furthermore, everyone knows about this, and you see it on officials on a large frequency. It’s not meant to inspire ideas, more to showcase the futility and stupidity of providing tools for server police in a game that’s designed for lawlessness.

So, for those wondering, here is a workaround for PC:

  • Set up steam family library share
  • Create separate account and link it to your library
  • Join on the server you wish and level a new character
  • Transfer items of destruction or theft to new account
  • Blow stuff up, gather loot, transfer back

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

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