Workbench thralls all have the same outfit since last update

Game mode: Single player
Problem: Bug
Region: All

Before, the 06/26/2019 update, workbench thralls (smelter, alchemist, carpenter, tanner, etc…) had different, somewhat random, clothing relating to their culture (Example: Dafari cooks wore Dafari armor). Now, they all have the same outfit: leather apron, leather workgloves, boots for all but cooks… and a coarse tunic, coarse pants, and a turban for cooks. Only new thralls that are found in the world are affected as previously captured and assigned ones have kept their original attire. This has only been noticed since the last update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find a workbench thrall (armorer, carpenter, tanner) running around in the world
  2. Observe
  3. Repeat

I have no answer but this has happened since day one. This morning all thralls Gray hair men later back again. Boys and girls don’t know why.

My belief is they are default textures for when the normal texture doesn’t load correctly

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