Workstations turning off after server restart again and corpses still disappearing

Game mode: [Online | pve
Region: oceanic official pve servers

As the title states all my workstations keep turning off after server reset. This was an issue way back and seemed to get patched but it’s back again. Might not sound like a big issue but it’s a pain for me. I get up with a bit of time up my sleeve before I go to work to make sure my stations are all crafting and my wheel is full of thralls. I do this before server reset time so my stuff is therefore doing nothing all day when I’m at work. Not ideal. My second issue is that corpses are back to vanishing again. I’ve only just started back up again so I can only vouch for Sepemeru at the moment. Just like they used to before, if you run away out of render range they come back but it still needs a patch eventually. Other than that well done on the game. A lot has changed since I left and it’s actually a pleasure to play again :+1:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @Darkzombie, we’re aware of the issue with the corpses and it’s being looked into, and we’ll send note to the team about the workstations resetting on server restart, thank you for bringing this up!

@Hugo cheers for replying :+1:

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