Worst bug so far

I am not sure if anyone experienced this bug, but when I was logging out I have got and infinite loading screen. Had to close application without logging out. Once I logged in next time all my stuff was gone except tools. All my knowledge reset although knowledge point were not given back to me. UI made no sense. Basically, the game was unplayable and all progress destroyed. And this happened on single player mode. I have thousands of hours in this game and never had experienced this bug. Very disappointing.


Yeah, sometimes there are some errors like this.

Today my game randomly froze in one moment in volcano - freezed screen, could not alt+tab anywhere, not even to Task manager, closing window with game was not responding, so I was forced to force-shutdown whole PC.

When logged back in via direct connect, I was standing maybe 500 meters far from the place where the game froze, in the lava lake and acid fog area, almost dead. :smiley:

Yup, those are fun enough, at least it is kinda rare these days. :rofl:

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Thank you for reporting this issue to us, but could you please use the given Bug Report Template?

This template has most of the information we need to start investigating and will make the process a lot quicker for everyone :smile:

You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template

Thanks in advance!

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