Siptah: infinite logout screen causes several losses

I started a new singleplayer PVE Game on Isle of Siptah map some weeks ago. Since a few days I had sveral problems to logout an save my progress. The screen freezes during the logout and strange things happend.
I lost thralls,pets, items out of boxes or benches. I lost randomly some knowlege without getting points back. Thralles and workers getting new skins or loose their clothes.
Unfortunately this game becomes unplayable for me.

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Welcome to the forum, cool nickname :smiley:. I passed to ps5 recently the past few months since my ps4 died for good.
Although i had the new console, the data i had in my ps4 for this game, the memories, were keeping me in this “lower” console. Now the controller on ps5 will make you miss ps3 trust me :rofl:.
Yet, back to your topic you are correct my friend. Before i pass to ps5 i did this challenge… The Madness Challenge
… and i had the issues you mention. My console just couldn’t store memory and if i had a crash i was loosing progress. Then again i had issues with bedrolls, because the console couldn’t keep memory correctly, after a crash my previous bedroll was working not the recent. A lot of issues, unfortunately and you are the living proof of what i keep say all this time. A veteran player can play nonetheless, no matter the difficulties, but what about a new player who try to learn the map and the content?
For what is worth online it performs better if you wish to stay and try, but i would suggest you a private server that you don’t loose inventory or regain it easier. Welcome to the forum m8, nice to have you around, thanks a million for your feedback :+1:t6:

You have my sympaties.
I recently had this issue, my character was deleted after the game froze on the disconnect screen, forcing me to shutdown from the PS menu.

And just yesterday it happened again, though this time it was not a full on delete, but the game started by telling me my points had been reset due to “significant changes to the attribute system” I thought this was rather odd since I had not downloaded any patch, and the version number was still the same.

My character was completely ruined though.
Not only had his apperance reverted to some default setting with long white hair. But I was lvl 59 with only 1 attribute point.
I tried to fix it by de-leveling and re-leveling on the admin screen, but I ended up with max 59 points, the last one gone forever, and knowledge points in the thousands…I gave uo and rebooted the character from scratch…Again.

And now I’m in dread, knowing that it happened AGAIN for a third time!
Just as I had to leave for work.

If my progress is gone when I get home tonight, I’m uninstalling.
Sorry for the rant but I’m quite agitated about this. :smirk:

So I took a gander at the damages, and it was luckily quite mild. But really REALLY strange.

Most of my playsession was rolled back many hours…Most, but not ALL. And it seems very random wich parts where not rolled back.
It’s like the game took a very old save and merged it with parts of the latest save?

Some combat thralls where not at my base, but out in some location visited hours earlier, but had retained levels and equipment from a much more recent expedition.

Items in my inventory was rolled back, so I lost tools I had crafted, but weapons on my hotwheel where still present from my last dungeon adventure.

It happened again, and I lost all progress again.
I hate to be “that guy” since I know noone really cares.

But I still want to express how very dissapointed I am, and that I very much regret spending my money on this dumpster fire of a game.
And I will be certain to avoid any game from Funcom in the future.

Before you log out leave your character minimum for 12 minutes doing nothing. If your game goes into infinite loading screen and you forc3 close it at least you won’t loose progress.
Also turn off any type of crafting, smelting in your benches, it raises the risk for game freeze, infinite loading screen on log out too.
Sometimes waiting may go up from 12 up to 24,36 or even 48 minutes of waiting in order to save your progress. But that are some hardcore cases I had with Conan Exiles in Single Player.
Maybe try start playing on official Exiled Lands PVE server, you won’t be loosing progress due to infinite loading screen on log out. But there’s some issues with playing multiplayer too. Just be reading posts in PlayStation Bug Reports daily.

Thanks for the tips, maybe it can help someone else. But I have allready purged this pile of nonsense from my system.

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