Would like to have hot and cold armor that raises the same stat

Maybe not every stat, but I’d like to be able to at least build a set of heat and cold resistant armor that raises the same stat. (STR or VIT preferably). I’d be willing to settle for one stat where you could build both, but there is no option to build heavy armor that gives say bonus str and is good against cold and heavy armor that gives bonus str that is good against heat (or any other stat). So every time you want to go to the frigid north your stats are screwed up and you no longer reach your milestone pip.

That is, without having to spend another 10.00 just to get one set of armor. I know they changed the temp structure recently but it is stll pretty beneficial to have colder based armor in the snow.

…and here I am, three years later, still just wishing I could choose the stat (attribute) irrespective of the look. Oh well.

Me too, Mikey, but they said they wanted to keep the armors WYSIWYG for PVP reasons.

Yeah I know. It always sounded rather like nonsense to me, but it’s been their story from day one, so they must mean it.

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