Wrath of the Dawn Issue

[Bug] In Wrath of the Dawn, when you lose the rocket launcher, it prevented me from being able to reequip my weapons. And when I tried to log out and back in, it put me back to killing the Favored Rocketeers who do not respawn. Had to completely log out, me and a friend, to be reset to start of the mission again.

I partially had the same issue, you lose the launcher, and get forced right into combat … i managed to throw on my blade before i was fully put in combat mode. Was a pain to be a weapon down like that though.

When I did the New Dawn storyline with my alt today, every time I “lost” a temporary weapon (broom, spade, fists, RL), my normal weapons were re-equipped automatically and instantly.
For some reason, I have never seen this behaviour on my main and I’m at a loss here why there’s a difference between the characters (UI settings seem to be identical)