Writhings of the Damned - New PC Server - PVE / Heavy RP / PVP during WAR - 18+ [Mods & awesome people]

You’ve arrived on the shores of Writhings of the Damned. Be aware that this is a harsh land, filled with challenges, pitfalls and danger both natural and man made. True courage, true valor, and true love cannot be expressed without the inherent risk of losing it all.

Our characters will experience terror, joy, anxiety, victory, and loss. Our focus is the human story, through tragedy and success, our flaws and our imperfections.The pillars of survival lay in the strength of your arms, the loyalty to your community and embracing this harsh and beautiful land.

Server Perks

  • Option to pick between 4 classes
  • Daily bounties available
  • Destiny Ascension quest available at level 60
  • Villages have caravans to facilitate RP
  • Server wide RP events

Server Settings:

  • Server direct connect to IP and port: []
  • Server is located in North America
  • Experience Rate x2 for combat, Harvest Rate x3 and 0.1 mat requirements
  • Loot is kept on death
  • PVE regularly, PVP during times of war
  • Daily restarts at 5:00am EST