Wrong Armor Temperature Stats

So after doing a deep-dive into the temperature system, I noticed this pattern:

  • All basic armor pieces provide +1 heat or cold protection.

  • All epic armor pieces provide +2 heat or cold protection.

  • All exceptional armor pieces provide an additional +1 heat or cold protection.

  • All flawless armor pieces provide an an additional +2 heat or cold protection.

Silent Legion and Vanir are documented, on-purpose exceptions, they provide an extra +1 on top of all of the above. All Silent Legion armor counts as +1 heat protect Epic Flawless armor, for a total of +5 heat protect per piece; if Njoror Battleborn weren’t bugged (spawn point broken, never spawns) and it could be made, Epic Flawless Vanir Heavy armor would also be +5 cold protect per piece.

Now, here are the obvious bugs: the following armors do not have a basic version. Only epic versions are available, as you can tell both from the mats they require and the little purple decorations in the corners of their icons. As epic armor pieces, they should be providing +2 heat or cold protect, but they don’t. Each one provides only +1 regular, +2 exceptional, +3 flawless, instead of the +2 to +4 they should be:

  • Lemurian Royal and Lemurian Warrior

  • Cimmerian Fur and Cimmerian Steel

I’m also convinced that two of the armors are giving the wrong temperature protection. Lemurian Royal and Warrior armors are learned from the Witch Queen, in the swamp. Lemurian Armorers, including Fia, who make the exceptional or flawless versions, only spawn in the swamp. The swamp is one of the hottest places this side of the volcano, but Lemurian armors give cold protection, not heat protection.

Yes, I realize that this would leave only two light armors that give cold protection, but still, both in terms of how the armors look, and where they’re learned, they really should be switched (back?) to heat protection.


Also, I was unable to confirm this because I don’t have the Khitan DLC, but the wiki claims that epic Khitan armor is +4 cold resist, plus an extra 1 or 2 cold resist for exceptional or flawless. If so? That’d be 30 cold resist for the set, the best in the game.

Edited to add: Never mind, I went ahead and bought the Khitan DLC and checked – the wiki is completely wrong.

I am surprised you didn’t pick up on the issue that the hyborean slavers normal armour has heat resistance but the epic version has cold version. I am guessing this is a bug as well and they should both give heat resistance.

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Flawless Khitan is 4 cold resist when wearing the complete set

You’re right, I didn’t notice that … and that has to be a bug.

If you mean four bars in the Stats window? I’m pretty sure that each bar in the Stats window is +4 heat or cold protection. (I’m not sure how round-off works; I got possibly-conflicting results when I tested it.) Five pieces of +3 cold-protect armor (non-epic flawless) would be +15 cold protect, divided by four per bar, approximately equals four bars.

The best way to test how much temperature protection something provides is to first “calibrate” yourself by going to as temperature-neutral a place as possible, which basically means either the noob river or the northern forest area, and taking off all armor. Now put on a set of Silent Legion armor, and observe how much the temperature gauge moves: that’s -25 heat. Once you know how far it moves for 25 points, you can estimate how much any other temperature-change item increases or decreases your temperature by seeing how far the bar moves.

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yes stats page. Khitan regular is 2 cold resist, Khitan flawless is 4 cold resist
The vanir flawless epic is 5 cold resist

Here’s a funny thing, i was testing out foods such as the chili and some of the others so I am out in the cold wearing the Vanir medium set, and took off all my armor my temp did not even move when i was naked, the food did not seem to do any thing, I don’t know what to say, its broke

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epic flawless Khitan armor is +5 cold resist per piece, I just checked. So the wiki is wrong. That gives it exactly the same stats as epic flawless Vanir, except for different stat buffs and except for being craftable with any named armorer. I can live with that, so yeah, knock that one off the list.

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