X2 pve conflict servers

Please mates, put this server X2, it’s cost many hours of hard work to build a house and I don’t have much to play this game

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: I’ll keep monitoring this thread to see if other community members feel the same way.

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Thanks for the attention bro

Im sorry but i do not agree.
(if i do not reply my vote/voice would be lost?)

Pve © is the more pure way to play CE survival.
Wich usually includes a more detailed and thereby more timeconsuming gameplay.

All good the way it is imo.

_I personally do not like the poll like text topics, _
If its official polling do a clear poll instead would be my idea.

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I’m not using this as an official poll, but it’s always smart to keep an eye on threads like this in case people want to voice their opinion :slight_smile:

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Yes absolutely, all info is important, was wondering, but you are clear, ty.

I sounded a bit short without the intention, xcuse me there.

Let’s continue this interesting topic and see what opinions are about.

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I refer that put the experience x2 or the compilation that is x1, 5 or x2, because there becomes I tedious to spend a lot of time in gathering materials jaja, is my opinion and it would be nice that a debate was opened on this since, the servants pve-C are the most populated in ps4 at least.

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